6 Habits You Should Have Given Up On In Your Teenage Years

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We all have bad habits but there comes a time when we need to give them up either as a result of personal conviction or because of the bad it does to people we love. A lot of the time, we have been told about how bad the stuff we can’t stop doing really is but it takes a lot of restraining to let g of these habits.

Her are six habits you honestly should have let go of as you transitioned from a teenager to an adult.

Watching Too Much TV
Despite the fact that a lot of people are cutting down on the amount of TV they watch, that in no way means that you’re watching less TV. This out of the numerous bad habits comes with its own unique challenges.

With the plethora of options out there from streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc., and cable subscriptions, there’s a chance you are binge watching more TV than ever before. You may no have figured it out but too much TV stops you from living. It stops you from going out with your friends, exploring the world around you, learning and trying new things, reading books, learning how to cook and any other thing you may have been putting off because of your favourite show.

Moreover, research has shown watching TV does harm or inhibit your cognitive and problem-solving abilities. Whatever the case maybe, watching too much TV is one of the bad habits you should leave in the past.

Smoking Cigarettes
You really don’t need to be told of how harmful this is. Cigarettes don’t only make your fingers and clothes smell awful but they can also kill you. Smoking cigarettes leads to damaged cells in the respiratory system and lungs that eventually divide at rapid rates and are only exacerbated by the ridiculous amount of carcinogens found in them.

This means it’ll eventually develop into cancer and most likely kill you.

Frivolous Spending
Of all the bad habits you should drop, this is perhaps the most detrimental. While you’re allowed to spend some fun money on yourself from time to time, you should never overindulge. You don’t have buy clothes you know you’re not going to wear, eat out every single night or buy things on impulse.

Drop the habit of allowing your money rule your life or dictate how you feel, but also stop pretending it doesn’t matter. The fact that you can’t take your wealth with you when you leave doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a move to make it work for you the best way you know how to.

Biting Your Nails
You need to know that there is nothing attractive about having a chewed up cuticle or a half-bitten fingernail with jagged edges. The fact is you’re a grown adult that should pay good attention to hygiene and appearances. When your fingernail gets too long, cracks or cuts, don’t bite it down to the nub. Get some quality clippers and a file, and do it right.

Picking Your Nose
This is one of the disgusting habits that a lot of us had as youngsters and is perhaps one of the most difficult to let go of. I’ll be totally straight up. There’s an exhilarating feeling that comes with picking your nose that is akin to having an orgasm or watching someone you detest get what’s coming for them.

Nevertheless, it is wrong to do so. You can simply employ tissues to get the dirt out of your nose, despite the fact that they may not be as gratifying as using your fingers. If you can employ cutlery to eat your favourite meal, then you should try to enjoy using tissues for cleaning your nose.

Sitting And Eating All Day
Except you’re on leave from work, nothing makes it okay for you to sleep in late once you cross the age of eighteen. Mornings are some of the most productive times in a day, which is why most of the successful entrepreneurs in th world today get an early start on the day.

Furthermore, a study published by a research team at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University found that people who wake up late also tend to make more bad decisions throughout the day, pointing to underlying health issues resulting from sleeping in late. Sleeping in late will inadvertently make you less physically active and also pile up on junk foods which are altogether unhealthier.



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