6 Beer Myths That Have Been Proven To Be False

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Beer drinkers and gurus always tell tales of myths that surrounds their favourite beers and some of this range from the simple to the most unbelievable.

While some of these myths are true, such as the presence of a firm foamy top indicates a good beer as a properly sealed beer will have fine bubbles as a result of the absence of air.

Some myths are however atrocious and we are here to debunk them.

Beer Is Dangerous To Your Health
The truth is anything taken in excess can affect your health. Moderation is key in any food or drink consumed. Moreover, there has been a lot of health studies and research that shows that when beer is responsible consumed, it can have positive effects on your lifestyle.

Beer is also known to contain important proteins and vitamins that most companies make from natural ingredients.

You Should Only Have Your Beer Chilled
Ice-cold beer is refreshing, especially if the weather is hot. If your beer is however too cold, chances are it will affect your taste buds and block you from enjoying the flavours of the drink.

A lot of beers are made up of complex flavours and the colder you drink them, the lesser the chance that you will be able to identify the various flavour compositions. As such, it’s best to enjoy your drink when it’s lightly chilled, if you’re interested in enjoying it’s taste to the fullest.

Bottled beers Are Better Off Than Their Canned Counterparts
Bottled beer is never necessarily better than canned. Cans are actually very good at preserving the integrity of its contents as they help protect beer from light and losing its flavours.

No Foam Should Be On A Glass Of Beer
Air affects the foam, the freshness and crisp taste of the beer. It is important that your drink has a firm foam head. The seal of your drink helps to keep air out and the bubbles in. That’s an indication of the freshness of your beer.

Yeast Is A Major Ingredient
While this has been the subject of debate for long, brewers have made it known that yeast is not a major ingredient but a catalyst used in the brewing process.

Yeast is however an important part of the brewing process as it helps to convert sugar into alcohol, and also produce the signature fruity taste and gold colour of most beers.

The yeast is however filtered out after the fermentation process and as such cannot be considered an ingredient since you won’t actually be ingesting it. Most beers are made from malted barley, water and hops.

Wine Making Is Far More Complicated Than Beer
Before you think the making of beer is simple and straightforward, know that the processes involved are much more complex than the simple mixture of Barley, Hops and Water.

Just like wine, there are numerous variables that can affect the taste of the final product such as the source of the water, soil and climate of the area where the hops, barley and yeast are grown in, which all affects the flavour and aroma of the final product.

As such, the processes involved in creating the taste of beer you enjoy are complex and at par with wine making.



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