5 Things That Can Help You Poop Without The Stress Of Constipation

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The greatest fear of a typical Nigerian is purging on a long interstate trip and having to tell the driver to stop in the middle of no where because of a need to answer the call of nature.

Even though a lot of us give this the needed attention by not taking too many fluids or eating certain foods during a long trip, very little people give attention to the direct opposite feeling of purging.

Some people go as long as 10 days in orientation camps and normal locations before pooping. Constipation is estimated to affect about 20 percent of the world’s population regularly and a lot of people do nothing about it.

Genes are thought to play a role in constipation but there’s a feeling that comes with having a smooth faecal elimination process that chronically constipated people wish for.

The truth is almost everyone can do it provided they have access to the right type of information in managing digestive distress. That is exactly why we bring to you five things that can make your time in the loo a smooth one.

Exercise Sparingly
Research shows that exercising for 30 minutes at least once a week can help to give you a smooth running digestive system.

You should however not overdo the exercises because research has also shown that almost half of all competitive athletes experience one gastrointestinal symptom or the other including diarrhea.

Excessive exercise can cause your body to move blood from your digestive system to the muscles which can cause you to be constipated. Also avoid taking foods containing high fat/fibers and caffeine at least four hours before exercising.

Take Lots Of Fluids
If you’re going on a long distance trip either through road or air travel, it’s best you arm yourself with lots of fluids especially water.

Water helps to prevent dehydration which evens out your digestive system. Long haul trips especially air travel across time zones affect circadian rhythms, which can upset the digestive tract resulting in constipation.

Drinking a lot of water can help to keep your system intact and reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel.

Avoid Sugary Drinks
Drinks with high sugary contents can be problematic for your gastrointestinal tract and it is best to avoid them.

Soft drinks, juice and energy drinks can be particularly disastrous since they provide pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract with sugar to feed on.

This causes bacteria multiplication and results in bloating and constipation. If you can’t stay off sugary drinks, you can sweeten your water by adding water soluble berries which also provide fibers that are stomach friendly. Water however remains the best bet.

Follow A Regular Routine
Research has shown that people that have the best poop usually visit the toilet at about the same time every single day. This time has also been found to be within the first two to three hours of waking up and after their first meal of the day.

You may find it highly inconvenient at times to visit the toilet, but failing to answer the call of nature as at when due can make you chronically constipated. This is because the longer the time stool spends in your large intestine, the drier it gets. This makes it difficult for you to excrete it out.

Don’t Use Laxatives Always
You can result to taking laxatives to solve your chronic constipation problems but taking them regularly can cause your body to become addicted to them which may result in you taking them all the time to have a smooth pooping time.

Instead of taking laxatives when you’re pretty uncomfortable, you can try drinking lots of water and eating high-fiber foods.

Milk is also a good natural laxative as it can help to attract water to your colon from surrounding body tissues which will be of good assistance with pooping.



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