5 Jobs That May Go Extinct In The Next Decade

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If you’re trying to discover what career path to choose or you simply want to know the Jobs that are going Extinct, you may end up being shocked. With technological advancement at the turn of the Millenium, quite a number of jobs seem not to be in high demand anymore.

More so, cultural shifts and newer inventions seem to have given rise to new careers while slowly making other jobs disappear. Here are a number of jobs that will most likely go Extinct by the next decade.

Publishers and Printers
Whether we admit it or not, the print media is gradually leaving our consciousness and fading away. With the rise of technology, more and more consumers have switched to digital media, especially when it comes to entertainment and news.

This has made more and more publishing companies have a hard time keeping up with the change occurring in the industry. The publishing industry is slowly fading out to give rise to new digital media companies, with jobs also switching lanes.

Retail Cashier
With the increase in automation processes and influx of self-service checkouts, the conventional retail cashier may become a non existent job with time. Almost all retail stores are embracing automated processes during purchasing, and this may just reduce or totally remove the jobs of retail cashiers.
Technology has resulted in advancements in the way we shop and buy things, especially at departmental stores. More so, more and more customers seem to want less and less human interaction, which is another reason why this job may just go Extinct.

Travel Agent
The advent of the internet has afforded everyone an opportunity to book trips and airline tickets for cheap, while making use of websites that offer competitive prices with those of travel agents. The jobs of travelling agents has somewhat become an old-school job that is slowly going into extinction.

The days when you need a third party person to help you find the better deals for tickets when travelling is long gone, because the internet has made that ability so much easier for us.

Taxi  Driver
Technology has also provided us with a lot of mobile apps that have helped us share cabs and reduce the overall cost of transportation. Ride sharing apps have created a new normal for the way the average person acquires transportation.

Hailing or Calling for a cab is going to be non-existent with the rise of apps that come with global positioning sensor (GPS) technology. This will reduce the jobs available for Taxi drivers, and a lot of people will have to follow the trend in order to keep their business afloat.

As the days go by, people seem to use their phones less often than they used to. Moreover, with the creation of more efficient ways of communicating such as email, texting and instant messaging, telemarketing jobs are bound to suffer.

Old fashioned telemarketing is slowly becoming a job of the past and is gradually being replaced with email marketing.




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