5 Habits You Need To Give Up On To Be Happy In Life

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There are some habits we need to develop in life if we hope to live a happy, joyous, successful and fulfilling life devoid of hate, hurt and rancour. Life is a thrilling journey that we all are embarking on and it is full of ups and downs, good things and bad, triumph and defeat. By the time it’s over, we all would have learned all the things that matter, and also all the things that do not.

Through personal exploration, chances are you will be able to know the things that are worth keeping and those you should let go of. As such, there are some habits we must develop if we intend to live most of our lives happy.

The Need to Gossip About Friends
This is perhaps the most unnecessary and immature things to do and this is one of the habits you most unequivocally let go of. Not only does gossiping draw negative attention to you as the kind of person who spreads rumours, but it also could significantly damage your relationships with both the people about whom you’re talking about and the people to whom you’re talking to, especially when they realize you’re not a trustworthy person.

Appeasing Everyone
While you maybe the most likable person to ever walk the surface of the earth, the most loyal and hardworking person, the one who calls his parents and siblings every night and the one who offers a shoulder for everyone to cry on, but there will be someone out there who will still find a reason to not like you.

They may think your shoes are old-school, your teeth are too clean or your smile too awkward. The point is you will never be able to make everyone in your life happy and the sooner you know this, the better. By loosing these habits, you will know what you want for yourself and take the necessary steps to make it happen. This will make you worry less about what people think of you and be confident in the person you are.

Holding Grudges
By not holding Grudges, we do not mean you shouldn’t hold people accountable for their actions, especially if those actions are hurtful ones against you. What we mean is that you don’t have to dwell one your grudges. Habits such as these have a way of holding you back.

It’s best to write people that hurt you. Cross them of the list and move on with you life. If the universe crosses your paths again and they want to make amends, you’re free to deal with the situation as you deem fit. Letting go of this habit has little to do with forgiving them, but more to do with not letting what they did to hurt you have a lasting negative impact on your life.

This is one of the worst habits to have. Don’t be the kind of person that needs to make excuses. While making mistakes hurts, being the kind of man that makes lots of excuses is even worse. Life is not based on your mistakes as we are all bound to mess up once in a while.

What is most important is how you handle the mistakes you have made and the lessons you took away from your mistakes. Doing things the right way can help you stop the mistakes from repeating itself. Whether good or bad, if you’re the kind of person that takes responsibilities for his mistakes, people will respect you and you will live a better life.

Your Need For Control
One of the habits you should let go of is your Need for control. Irrespective of how you plan, Plot and sacrifice, life is always waiting around to stick a spanner in your works. The more complex you plans are, the higher the chances o things going wrong, which is why it is best to make general plans that flex easily, and then take care of the finer details as you move along.

Moving along and expecting nothing while being prepared for anything is a good way of ensuring that you don’t end up devastated when things don’t work out. It will be easier to re-strategize and move on.



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