5 Great Dating Apps You Should Try Out If You’re Single And Searching

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There are a number of common dating apps out there, especially Tinder and Badoo that a lot of people know about, but there are other great ones you should try out. Lots of dating apps offer a great opportunity if you’re single and searching for you to meet the person of your dreams.

Here are a number of dating apps that will most likely offer you the chance to get into a relationship.

Happn is perhaps the most stalkerish of dating apps as it let’s you know the person you have come across during the day and exactly how close you came to them. The idea of the app is that the real-time, real-life interactions helps to reduce the chance that the person you’re messaging is a pervert hiding out in a less than appealing place.

The functionality of this dating app makes sure you never receive a message from anyone you haven’t actually ‘liked’, so you’re unlikely to end up grabbing a drink with someone dangerous.

Bumble is a dating app that is quite similar to Tinder, but what sets it apart from the numerous apps out there is the fact that only women can send the first message. This app is great for removing a backlog of inappropriate messages and unsolicited pictures from the inbox of every female user.

From a male perspective, you can easily know all your matches and the people that are genuinely interested in talking to you. More so, the females are in the all-powerful position of ‘queen bee’ where they can choose or discard.

OkCupid has a huge database of users that helps to keep the app fresh. It also has a comprehensive profile and personality quizzes that helps to generate a compatibility percentage with potential matches. This helps to keep things a little more serious than brainlessly swiping through Tinder profiles.

While the new ‘Quickmatch Flavours’ feature doesn’t seem to have gotten the attention of users, you can still categorise yourself into groups, especially given the fact that the most popular community is titled, the ‘Kinky Nerds’.

Coffee Meets Bagel
Sounds funny right? Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app you would love especially if you’re tired of swiping numerous pictures. This app gives you just one match that is nicknamed a ‘bagel’ every day, based on mutual interests, mutual Facebook friends, and a mutual trust in some funny mathematical algorithm,.

More so, it gives you 24 hours to strike up a conversation before you move onto the next person. While this app is yet to take off in most parts of the world, the quality-over-quantity idea will make it stick around for a long time.

Hinge is one of those dating apps that are similar to Tinder but the difference is the fact that matches on the app ‘hinge’. The app is based on mutual Facebook friends, and cuts out all the junk matches with people that you will probably never hang out with in real life.

Furthermore, it encourages better conversation through peer pressure, except you want a female messaging your mutual friends saying, your friend sent me a picture of his privates. The downside of the ‘no randoms’ policy of Hinge is that it limits your pool of potential matches.



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