5 More Games Coming Out Before The End Of November You Don’t Want To Miss

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November is definitely a month for gamers as a number of interesting games has so far being released while others will come to light before the month ends. From star wars Battlefront to need for Speed, some pretty interesting games have so fare been released.

Here are five more games coming out before the end of this month that you should definitely find time for.

The Inpatient

The inpatient game
The Inpatient will see you playing an amnesiac patient who wanders Blackwood Sanitorium and must retrieve their memories. The game sees you playing it from a first person perspective and it features binaural audio and the same long-term impact of decisions on the story-telling.

Scheduled to be released on November 21st for North America and November 22nd for Europe, there isn’t much more information offered beyond what is stated above. You can however choose the protagonist’s gender and even gaze upon your form while wearing the VR headset which makes you get more immersed in the game.

Doom (Nintendo Switch)

Doom Nintendo switch game
DOOM was released for the Nintendo Switch on November 10th so if you’ve ever wanted the action-packed campaign in your hands, then this is your ticket as it stands apart from other video games.
Of all the games to arrive on Nintendo Switch, doom is most likely the most surprising. The game possesses unrelenting action that is accentuated by the brutal glory kills and heavy metal soundtrack that makes it a game to love.

All the respective updates are also included and that makes this game stand out from others. Perhaps the biggest thing you should be conscious of is that the physical version will only contain the single player campaign with the multiplayer requiring a separate download.

Football Manager 2018

Football manager 2018 game
Football Manager 2017 wasn’t exactly what fans of the Football management franchise were expecting as it fell below standard in a number of areas. This perhaps necessitated Football Manager 2018 including a number of the usual updates to kits and squads.

Furthermore, it’s possible to start your career mode in the beta and then continue that career into the full game. This is the most outstanding addition that will surely be of benefit to fans of the game. While we wait to see if there will be other features to stand it out, Football Manager 2018 was released on November 7th for PC.

Black Mirror

Black mirror games
The Black Mirror is scheduled to be released on November 28th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Black Mirror is different from the British hit series based on technology gone dark, then gone wrong, and the game should be enough to satisfy your urge. The game is set in 1926 and sees protagonist David Gordon visiting his ancestral home to deal with the death of his father.

This of course reveals a number of secrets and there are plenty of horrors that embody the writings of Edgar Allen Poe to contend with. Black Mirror is actually a re-imagining of the classic adventure series of the same name. It is left to be seen whether it can compete with today’s horror titles or if it will be lost on the sidelines.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

Horizon zero dawn games
Horizon: Zero Dawn will see the return of Aloy with a new adventure in The Frozen Wilds DLC. This game was critically acclaimed and enjoyed a lot of commercial success. Horizon: Zero Dawn, will see Aloy return with a Set in the northern mountains, Aloy will contend with a harsh, snowy environment while battling new robots and encountering the Banuk tribe.

The game will offer you a set of new challenges and will also probably have new gear and weapons available for you to collect as well. It is left to be seen the kind of ramifications the new mystery that is added for Aloy to pursue with the Guerrilla Games will have on the main story that most gamers are interested in. Horizon: Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds is out on November 7th for PS4.



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