5 Below The Belt Myths You Should Stop Believing

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There has been a lot of myths relating to men, especially regarding what lies below our belts and in our pants and much of it are false. It can be pretty difficult separating the facts from the fiction regarding these matters.

Not to worry however, as we have put together five of the most common below the belt myths that you should know are pretty much, false.

Pineapple Makes Your Semen Taste Better
This is one of the most common myths for men trying to talk their partners into oral sex, but there is very little scientific evidence to support this claim. Some studies support the notion that guzzling pineapple juice changes the taste of your semen, but even if it does, you will have to change your diet to change the effect of coffee and red meat and every other thing that has been known to change the flavour of your semen.

Big Feet Equals Big Package
The fact is there are a lot of research statistics that claim to prove a lot of things but when it comes to penis length, your shoe size has little to do with it. A lot of studies have linked race, height, hands, to mention a few to penis size, but none has found a correlation between it and shoe size.

Moreover, before you rush off to the bathroom with a measuring tape to check your feet and penis length, the average is about five inches (13cm) hard and 3.5 inches (9cm) soft.

Masturbation Affects Your Sperm Count
If you’re trying to get your partner pregnant, then it is best you preserve as much of your sperm as possible. For a lo lo men however, lightening your load on a daily basis has no effect on your long-term fertility.

Your testicles has the ability to replenish your sperm count at a staggering rate so you shouldn’t sweat it if you’re in the habit of regularly masturbating and treating your body like an amusement park.

Your Penis Can’t Break
Well you should know that your erect penis doesn’t contain a bone, but that notwithstanding, it can actually fracture. The tissues that carry blood to the shaft, known as the corpora cavernosa, can indeed rupture, even though the injury is extremely rare.

The penis fracture is almost always caused by popping out while your partner is in the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl or any position that puts her on top. If you’re paranoid about penile fracture, avoid the cowgirl position.

Treatments To Make It Bigger Exists
There are numerous online advertisements and spam messages that flood our email boxes claiming they can make your penis bigger. There’s however not a pill, herb, cream, lotion, packet of magic beans, or any other treatment on earth that can extend the length of your manhood.

The fact is once you have stopped growing below the belt when you’ve finished puberty, nothing will make you grow a longer penis afterwards. The best thing to do is to focus your attention on how best to use your equipment rather than trying to upgrade it.




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