4 Ways You Probably Never Knew You Can Get All You Want From Google

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One thing we all know is that Google is an unlimited source of information where we can get almost any answer to whatever question we have on our minds.

The Google search engine can basically help us search for almost any type of information we require from any available resource on the Internet.

The truth however is that despite the fact that almost all of us know that Google can help provide an array of information we need, we still don’t have a full understanding of how we can navigate the search engine to get exactly what we want.

From searching for pictures and images to ditching irrelevant search items, here are four ways you can get all you want from the Google search engine.

Reducing Your Search To A Single Website
If you’ve ever tried to look up an old article about love and romance from 360nobs.com through Google, chances are you’d get links directing you to www.360nobs.com and a whole lot of other sites that provide information that are pretty much irrelevant and unhelpful.

You can filter out all the irrelevant materials by simply adding the keyword “site:360nobs.com” with no spaces in between. Doing this will help to restrict all your searches to the website that follows the “site:” keyword.

Remove Search Items That Are Irrelevant
One problem a lot of Google users complain of is that a lot of irrelevant items turn up in their web searches. One thing you should however know is that there’s a hack to remove those irrelevant items.

For instance, if you were to search for news items regarding Nigerian football federation, but you don’t want to see the scandal regarding the appointment of french man Paul Le Guen, simply add the minus symbol (“-”) right before the term “Le Guen” (without a space) in your search: “Nigerian Football Federation-LeGuen.”

This will only make you see results regarding the Nigerian football federation and all news regarding Le Guen will be excluded just as it should be.

Identifying Mystery Objects
Chances are you’ve seen a picture, image or object that you wished to know what exactly the thing is. You tried getting a name for the object and typing it out on Google but your search returned nothing or pretty much irrelevant stuffs.

Not to worry, you can actually get to know what exactly the object you’ve seen is. Google has an image search hack that a lot of people know nothing about.

When next you have a picture or object you want to identify, simply take a picture of whatever it is with your phone camera. Go to Google through your phone browser and click on the “Image”.

Click the small camera icon that is present on the right side of the search box to upload the picture you took. Try your best to describe the picture, image or object you uploaded in the search box. Sit back and wait for the answer to your question.

The only bad thing is that you can only use a desktop computer as Google doesn’t presently allow phone browsers access to this function. Reverse-searching images is one thing you never knew you can do with Google and you’d be surprised how much of a help this hack can be to you.

You can put this function into good use with products that you believe you can get at a cheaper rate, with school work and projects and whatever else catches your fancy.

Find Related Websites
For example, you love everything that has to do with online shopping but you’re not satisfied with the contents you get every day on www.jiji.com.ng. You can find websites related to online shopping by including the keyword “related:” to your Google search. As such, if you want to search for jiji.com.ng, search instead for “related:jiji.com.ng”.



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