4 Gross Sounds Your Body Makes That Are Totally Normal

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There’s a very huge chance that you would have heard some strange sounds come from your body and you’re wondering if your health is about to take a bad turn or if you should check in with your Doctor.

It could be a strange click from your knee or ankle or a rumbling sound from your tummy. Whatever the sound may be, it may likely be caused by something as innocent as sprains you suffered during your adolescent years or a trap of extra air between your joints.

There are however a couple of awkward noises our bodies make which are pretty much normal and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Here are four of those sounds that come from your body and other sounds which you should see a doctor for.

Whistling Sound In Your Nose
There are times a high-pitched whistle can be heard from the nose. This whistle simply indicates congestion in your respiratory tract. Simply blowing out your nose should be enough to clear the congestion.

The whistling Sound may however indicate a more serious medical condition such as a hole in the septum or a deviation of your septum.

As such, if you constantly hear whistling Sound coming from your nose, it’s best you see an ear, nose, and throat specialist to check you out.

Gurgling Sound In Your Throat
You’d probably have experienced that embarrassing moment where you open your mouth to respond to a question or get involved in a conversation in a quiet room and a loud embarrassing gurgling Sound escapes from your throat.

The reason why you have this gurgling Sound could be because you just ate your meal quickly. When you eat too fast, chew gum, or drink something carbonated, there’s a good chance you’re swallowing air.

The throat helps to gurgle out excess air from the stomach which may come out as a gurgle or burp. This however doesn’t mean you should be experiencing the gurgling Sound every time.

If you constantly experience burping or gurgling, it’s best to check in with a doctor to determine if it is a more serious problem such as dysphagia or Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) which is characterised with difficulty in swallowing.

Rumbling stomach Sounds
Rumbling stomach Sounds happens often that a lot of people find it difficult to even see a growling stomach as abnormal, except it is loud, embarrassing and occurs in the middle of a quiet meeting.

Even if the rumbling sounds of your stomach are loud and deafening, there’s very little chance it indicates any abnormal happenings in your body.

The reason for loud grumbling stomach from your stomach is mostly because of you passing through stressful situations. Stress usually causes the stomach muscles to contract which in turn makes the stomach make a growling sound.

A Pop Or Crackling Sound From The Knees
If you seem to hear a popping or crackling sound every time you bend down, there may not be a need to be in a rush to see a doctor.

It also may not indicate your likelihood of having knee problems as you advance in age. As a matter of fact, it may mean that your knee is devoid of any problems at all!

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology employed the use of acoustic devices in listening to both healthy and injured knees of various individuals. They had the individuals bend down while they listened to the knees.

They found out that individuals that had healthy knees had a cacophonous popping and cracking sound.

With that being said, there are certain times when a noisy knee could be an indication of a bigger problem. This is even more evident if the noisy knee is accompanied with pain or inflammation. If your knee sounds come with pain, see a doctor as soon as possible.



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