360Download: TnJ – Hip Praise Hop Worship (EP)

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Once in a while, someone comes along to change the status quo. He or she redefines what it means to do things a certain way. In so doing, they become a phenomenon, finding their shtick in the process of creating something innovative.

Meet the creator; “TnJ aka The Gem King”, and the creation; the HIP PRAISE HOP WORSHIP (EP) project. A body of work that dares to merge the culture that is Hip Hop with church styled praise & worship, while exploring a variety of sounds in the process through Afro-HipHop/Rap.

TnJ is a bachelors degree holder of Industrial Physics (University of Benin), a Kingdom Warri Boy with the adequate charisma & excellent expertise to wield rap as a weapon of mass creation. TnJeezy has shown that he possesses enough confidence & with immense creativity, the ability to experiment with the Hip Hop genre while dabbling a bit into other genres like Afro-pop & soft rock. The end result of such a bold move – The HPHW EP.

Oghenetega ‘TnJ’ Oke who hails from Delta State, Nigeria, is an artiste very proud of his roots and has teased us in the past with singles off this EP such as ‘Oghene Is In The Matter’ and ”Merciful King’.’ In these last couple of months, these singles have stirred up an army of listeners and they are in for a treat with this EP.

The Gem King has defiled all limitations and broken boundaries with this project. He has gone where others have not dared to reach. This EP addresses a lot of issues faced by (Nigerian) Christian Hip Hop as we see the creator refusing to hold back. The Hip Praise Hop Worship EP has a mainstream appeal & even touches on subjects like love; and I’m talking about the romantic kind.

The seven-tracker EP with a bonus single, sets a new pace for the music industry as a whole, as the HPHW EP feels like an experience. The creator (TnJ) finds a way to consistently exalt his own creator (God) throughout the EP. TnJ’s motive behind this EP in summary, is nothing but a simple yet prodding question; “Who said Hip Hop belongs only in the streets and who has restricted Praise & Worship to just within the church?”

As a sign of good faith, TnJ releases a song off the EP titled JARA for free download. He says it’s his own way of adding a little ‘jara (extra)’ to the mix. The HPHW EP is a breath of fresh air, just don’t forget to exhale.


Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

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