The Unmistakable Signs That The Woman You’re With Is A Gold digger

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While some people are skilled in spotting a gold digger from miles away, some would not even know one even if they are smeared in the face with the signs. With that being said, some women that are high-maintenance and gold diggers can be very difficult to identify as they are willing to stick around for the long term and may not be aware that they are one.

Some women however became gold diggers along the way a are unwilling to leave the guy that has all but become their meal ticket. If you’re keen about not becoming a victim of such women, here are some unmistakable signs you should should on the lookout for.

She Continually Sings Your Praises
If she always Sings your praises like one of those Juju, fuji or highlife musicians you come across at parties, especially when you buy her material things, then you’ve likely got a gold digger on your hands.

If you find her showing pictures on her phone to her girlfriends and they’re all giggly and staring and you think it’s a shirtless picture of you or your manhood, you may have to think again as you may find out that it’s your cat, house or your appliances. If that’s the case, you’re a marked man.

Her Last Boyfriend Is Twice Her Age
While she is in her early 20s and highly gorgeous and attracting handsome guys of the same age, she prefers to hang around with men twice twice or thrice her age with a 40-inch waist and a wristwatch that could buy a house.

While she may have daddy issues, chances are what matters most to her is the cash and she all but wants to be the Queen.

She Always Oohs and Aahs When You Spend
If you discover that she’s always wanting you to to pull out your wallet or she tells the person tending your table that the tab is on you, she’s most likely spoon-feeding your ego, and it could even be partly your fault because of the way you’re holding yourself.

Wallets shouldn’t elicit oohs and aahs irrespective of the type of animal skin it is made off, except if she’s only concerned about the contents.

Not Excited With The Gifts You Buy Her
If you get her a cheap gift (which you thought was thoughtful) such as a pin she noticed in the boutique you went to, you’re obviously a catch. Unfortunately however, you’re no more than a cheapskate to a gold digger. Any woman that unwraps a gift and tells you, “Stop joking. Where is my gift for real? Outside?” is all about the money. Best thing to do is tell her the gift is outside, go outside, get in your car and drive away as fast as you can.

She’s Rude To The Help
If you’re with a gold digger, chances are you would have noticed her having zero contact with people she thinks have a lowly job than hers. You may have noticed her shouting at a waitress, a bartender or someone holding a guest list to check her name. You’ve got a monster that would most likely ruin you on your hands.

Certain Information Excites Her
Of the first time you meet her, she flirts endlessly and keeps asking what you do for a living, the kind of car you drive, how widely travelled you are, and any other questions that point to the fact that she’s trying to gauge your financial strength, she’s doing nothing more than sizing up your bank account.

The best thing to do is to go along with it till the night ends but have it in mind that a gold digger won’t give up that easily if she knows she has a good catch.

She Never Stays Indoors
If the woman you’re with sees spending the night in on the couch and watching movies as boring and unimaginable, especially if there’s a party or some other event going on somewhere that a lot of people would be at and what is of utmost importance to her is for you to be at the latter, flee as fast as possible!




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