Three Foods That Are Causing Your Eczema And Preventing You From Having Clean And Healthy Skin

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Having a clean and healthy skin shouldn’t be rocket science but it can be incredibly difficult for a lot of people to achieve this with the harsh weather and factors around us. If you’ve ever being unfortunate to be affected with a skin disease such as eczema, you will know how unbearable the itchiness can be.

It is estimated that as much as 200 million people worldwide are routinely affected by this condition with some affected chronically and others occasionally. While there are a number of topical creams that can help reduce the discomfort, a more holistic way of treating this condition is to get rid of the root cause which most times involve addressing imbalances in the microbial flora on the skin.

Eczema usually comes up as a result of some undiscovered food allergies, leaky gut or imbalanced microbial flora in the gut. While there’s no one off solution, diet plays a key role in your skin’s health and how you’re able to fight off inflammation associated with eczema and other skin conditions.

The Foods that should be your best friend include anti-inflammatory foods that are rich in probiotics, herbs and spices, omega-3–rich fatty fish, leafy greens, and zinc-heavy foods such as oysters and meat from poultry.

Staying off foods such as eggs, coffee, and dairy and reintroducing them into your diet one food at a time can make you determine what is responsible for your condition. Alternatively, there are three specific group of foods you can stay away from altogether for the benefit of your skin. You should however note that all the foods mentioned below are on a case-by-case basis and all of these foods may not irritate your specific eczema.

Gluten is a highly reactive protein found in wheat and other grains, including spelt and farro. A lot of people are sensitive to foods that contain gluten and a recent study published in the European Journal of Dermatology found that a significant number of people with gluten-intolerance tend to have skin problems and diseases, irrespective of whether they have celiac disease or not.

Fried Foods
Fried foods such as French fries, hot dogs, onion rings are some of the foods that are responsible for eczema. Any food that is improperly prepared, (especially fried foods) can cause inflammation in our bodies, and people who have eczema need to specifically decrease their inflammation.

While sensitivity and food allergies is different for each individual, fried food does tend to have an inflammatory effect on everyone. A lot of restaurants tend to fry food in hydrogenated and damaged vegetable oils that have loads of free-radicals in them. The free-radicals damage cells and cause inflammation which lead to unhealthy skin.

Dairy Products
A lot of people easily see their inability to digest and tolerate dairy products such as milk and cheese on their skin. People who happen to be lactose intolerant will more likely experience eczema as an allergic reaction to milk, butter, or cheese.

It is important to note that dairy is one of the top six allergen foods, and most modern-day dairy contains synthetic vitamins, growth hormones, and sugar ,which all cause inflammation.



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