TECNO Phantom 8 Unboxing: My First 24hours with my new TECNO Phantom 8

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The new TECNO Phantom 8 was launched some weeks ago and a lot of things have been said about the device. After the launch of the Phantom 6&6 Plus, I was among the set of people looking forward to the next Phantom because the Phantom 6 for me, remains the best smartphone to grace the market last season.

So, the question was “what else would TECNO do that would wow their fans? Well, I guess they just answered the question with this “super” new Phantom 8.

OK, without wasting much time let’s dig into this device.

Tecno Phantom 8

The amazing device comes in a stylish black box with the inscription of the number 8 written with a juicy, glossy gold paint at the front while the word “Phantom 8” is engraved at the side of the box.

And yea, I finally opened the box. Believe me when I tell you, this is one of the most attractive android smartphones from TECNO.

A beautiful device like this deserves a glass of wine, don’t you think?

The device comes in a fashionable package, TECNO deserves a thumbs up for this, they sure know how to package.

I must keep this box away from my wife, because if she sets her eyes on it, she wouldn’t have a need to get a new jewellery box <<chuckling>>. The Phantom 8 is so well packaged, that you smell “classy” by just opening the box.

The first thing you see when you open the box is the phone itself as a black foil paper (with details of some Phantom 8 spec written on it) covering the screen.

Not trying to be too dramatic, but the new TECNO Super 8 (that’s how I like to call it) is a feast for the eyes and what makes it so special is this: its tall, narrow shape that fits snugly in the palm and curved sides that scream “PREMIUM.”

I just love the lux finishing at the back- whew! this smartphone is a beauty.

One thing I like about the Phantom 8’s design is the positioning of the back camera- although this isn’t new from TECNO, but the smooth positioning of the back camera, makes it amazing and different. Although, the phone’s glossy and glass finishing are still a bit too slippery for total comfort but the size and edges help you get a better grip on the handset.

And yes inside the box is a protective cover the prevent this.

Will there be a Plus version? Well, that’s for TECNO to decide but with what I am seeing already, I don’t think there is a need because this got me all in love.

Back to the Unboxing

I take the foil off and start up the phone, but while we wait, let’s look at what is inside the box…

When you open the black sophisticated box, there is plenty to be had, including a TECNO adaptive fast charger, a pair of earphones, a free pouch, SIM ejector tool, user manuals

Let me give you some refreshing detail about the specs of the new TECNO Phantom 8:

  • 5.7-inch FHD with 2.5D glass display
  • 6GB of RAM
  • 64GB of internal storage (expandable by up to 128 GB via microSD)
  • 12MP + 13MP cameras with TRI-TONE Flash.
  • 20MP smart selfie camera with dual LED flash
  • 3,500 mAh battery
  • Fingerprint scanner

I would concentrate on the features of the device in my next article. For now, lets just savour the beauty of this technology. Below are some of the TECNO Phantom 8 Unboxing Pictures.

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  1. Tecno has been here for a long time. And this phone is another testimony that they’ve improved over time. Everything about it is dope.

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