The Six Times Your Girlfriend Is Likely To See You As An Annoying Pest

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One basic fact of life is that you’re never going to be able to please everyone but that doesn’t excuse you from being an annoying pest to your girlfriend. There are some poor habits that you had best let go off not just for the sake of your relationship but also for yourself. This is because certain things are not healthy for you and she probably wouldn’t react well to some of those things. Here are some times she’s seeing you as an annoying pest and why you should quit acting that way.

Spelling Things Wrong
In a world where your phone has auto-correct and practically spells words out for you, it is annoying to women when you fail to get the spellings to simple words correctly. More so, your girlfriend might see you as someone making a deliberate effort to spell incorrectly when you send messages as texts or emails. Moreover, if you’re not sure of your phone, Google is always there to help out.

Getting Into A Physical Altercation
Very few women would be able to stop themselves from seeing you as an annoying pest if you get into physical altercations. Acting like a macho man is dumb and much more dumber when you get the bruises and puffy face the next day. She would most likely want to walk away if you fail to kick this terrible habit.

When You Ask Her Out On A Date Without A Plan
If you’re going to ask her out on a date, you had better have a plan. Asking her out and following up your question with what she will feel like doing is annoying to say the least. Pick a location and time and call to ask her out.

When You’re Too Jealous
Women find a little bit of jealousy amusing and it is actually healthy. If you don’t act jealous at all, she may be wondering if you actually care about her. However, being jealous about everything and anything such as her male friends, siblings or best friend will only make her see you as an annoying pest. Ditch this attitude because if you really don’t trust your girlfriend, why are you dating her in the first place?

When You Cling On To Her
Women love their space and freedom and you will do well to give your girlfriend the freedom she craves. If you don’t like when women are constantly clinging to you in such a way that they can’t converse without holding your hand in public or when they don’t give you time to spend and think alone, it’s best you don’t do the same to your girlfriend.

Acting Strange Around Her Friends, Family or Colleagues
It’s always a tough call bringing an outsider into a closely knit circle as she takes on the responsibility of making you comfortable and keeping you entertained enough for everyone to warm up to you and prevent you feeling weird around them. Portraying antisocial behaviour such as being glued to your phone or making little or no effort to befriend her friends and family is a huge turn-off, which can mak you look bad, especially when she wants to convince everyone you’re a nice person.




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