Science Says The Type Of Partner You’re With Can Help You Be Successful In Your Chosen Career

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We all probably know that the type of partner we hang around can help determine how successful we are but few of us know that science actually backs this claim. The fact is someone who loves you will lift you up and not tear you down and research has proven this to be true.

According to different studies, dating someone who supports your goals can immensely help to ensure that you’re successful in your chosen career.

Correlation Between Type Of Partner And Work Success
A study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University found that people with support systems have a desires to commit to challenges that may be more rewarding. The study also suggested that partners that accept challenges are more likely to experience growth and happiness in their chosen careers. Should you accept those challenges, the study suggests you are more likely to experience happiness and personal growth.

The researchers polled 163 married couples and found that people with encouraging partners were more likely to face challenges better and go for the ultimate prize than those that had less encouraging partners. They also found that people who competed for the prize were happier and experienced more personal growth.

Committed Partners Experience More Success
Yet another study published in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology came to a conclusion that work and love are “mutually reinforcing.”  the Researchers had young Germans between the ages of 18 to 30 years who were either working or studying and engaged in a romantic relationship participate in the study.

The participants were assessed at the beginning of the study and three years later. The researchers found that individuals that had high commitments in love and work showed the most favourable responses in relation to psychological symptoms including work stress and satisfaction, and family-work conflict but at present and in future.

Less Drama Equals More Happiness
The American Enterprise Institute in a report suggests that partners with less drama tend to have better work ethics. The research found that married men tend to work about 400 hours more per year than single men that they have similar backgrounds with.

People tend to put in more time at work when their intimate relationships are going well as an absence of drama at home tends to give greater emotional, cognitive and physical strength to the workplace.

Happy Relationship Equals Good Professional Performance
A study conducted by Washington University concluded that a person’s work engagement and behaviour are not only an indication of their professional performance but also that of their partner. Researchers tracked responses from 4,544 heterosexual married people, and asked them to complete a personality assessment that measured five personality traits.

These traits include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness. Over a five-year period, participants were required to provide reports on occupational success which was measured by job satisfaction, wages over time and promotions.

They also provided information related to household chores, lifestyle decisions and marital satisfaction. The study found significant benefits of having a conscientious spouse as it found for example that having consistent help around the house fostered a healthy work life. Such partners also served as good role models as such spouses were capable of encouraging greater reliability and productivity in the workplace.

Higher Paychecks
A study conducted at the university of California found that people who were in relationships tend to have higher paychecks than single people. The study also found that people in relationships also get promoted more quickly and are more likely to get to the top of their chosen career.

As a matter of fact, the study estimates that as much as 70 percent of the founders of high-growth successful businesses were married when they became entrepreneurs.



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