The Rules For Drinking Gin You Probably Have Never Followed

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While there are no specific sets of rules for drinking your gin, knowing the right way to combine your alcoholic beverage can do you a lot of good. So there are no hard and fast rules for drinking. Gin is one of those spirits that ate hard to muster because of their taste and harshness.
It is however one of the most versatile spirits, which can blend in with other ingredients to deliver an exciting cocktail. Here are five ways you can drink your gin that you probably never knew about.

Gin In Cocktails
Gins can be taken as a major ingredient with cocktails, especially martinis. You can try out any of your favourite gin brands in a Martini, any other drink that is neutral or other highlight botanical drinks and you’d be surprised how your favourite harsh drink can become soft and sweet.
Gins are made for cocktails and they not only blend in but can incredibly elevate your drink to a whole new level.

Combination Of Gin And Tonic/ Gin And Coke
Your favourite harsh drink can be mixed with different tonics which should be served chilled to obtain the perfect blended taste has spent years studying hundreds of gins and how they pair with different tonics.

It’s always best to look for gins that match with your tonic of choice. Classic London dry gin mixes well with a range of tonics, just as it does with a lot of carbonated drinks and soda water.

Complement And Contrast With Cocktails
The common combination involves mixing fresh rosemary with a rosemary-tinged gin, but it’s always best to complement and contrast. For instance, a citrus-forward gin doesn’t need more citrus, but instead needs something that will complement the citrus.

See the contrast and complement the same way you will mix patterns in your clothes and you will most likely see your drink in an entirely new light.

Try Taking It Neat
A lot of gins are designed to be taken neat. It is easier to find gins that come in almost any type of flavour you prefer, ranging from chocolate, citrus, floral, cinnamon or caramel.

The Temperature And Taste
Temperature tends to change the taste of a lot of drinks. When gin is frozen, the texture changes and it becomes thicker and viscous. When it warms up, the flavor profile opens up, making you taste the notes better.

As such, you may want to consider keeping your bottle in the freezer and allow it move to room temperature before drinking to enjoy your drink better.

Drink And Enjoy Vintage
Vintage gins like any other vintage collection is meant for people who have taste and style. If you’re an avid drinker. A lot of collectors bottles exist all over the world and some stock more than a thousand spirits, including decades-old bottles available at your beck and call.

Gins were not made to be kept in a bottle for years and you have to be careful when trying out a vintage drink. It’s best to aerate it first, before pouring and tasting it 10 minutes later. Wait for another 10 minutes for another sip, then an hour later to see how it evolves and opens up.

This will make it easier for you to taste the grain-derivative from the time the gin was made and to also enjoy the things people from the past enjoyed.




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