Pique Promises Not To Leave Spain Squad

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Gerard Pique has stated in another press conference, that he will not be retiring from the Spain squad.

The Barcelona defender had offered to quit the Spain team last weekend, after the Catalan referendum was bodied with violence. He was booed at an open training of the La Roja squad.

A picture of me at the Camp Nou has been defaced by graffiti and Pique has decided not to give up and let his critics win.

“I’ve considered retiring as it would be easier for my teammates, but that would be a victory for those whistling,” he said.

“Those whistling? There are many more who oppose their actions than those who carry them out, I am sure of it.

“I’d take everyone whistling me out to dinner, talk to them and then they wouldn’t whistle me anymore.”

Pique has also spoken eloquently regarding the situation in Catalonia, insisting that it his bigger than himself.

“Should Catalonia be independent? That’s the million dollar question, and I cannot answer,” he added.

“No matter what I answer I will lose half of the people. My sons are Catalans, Spanish, Colombians and Lebanese. Countries are irrelevant.

“There’s a political problem and we either find a solution through dialogue and talking or things will get worse.

“I don’t want to go out of the national team through the back door…the easy route.”

He added:”Spain and Catalonia like a father with the son who wants to leave home. If you talk to him maybe he won’t.

“The most important thing is respect and dialogue. We have to try and understand each other.

“It’s difficult to understand whats happening with Catalonia if you don’t go there. The TV channels only show what they want.

“This is bigger than me. This is about a part of Spain who wants to leave. This is about millions of people who want to vote.

“My opinion now is irrelevant. What matter is politicians doing their job and solving this by talking.”



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