All The Old Dating Advice That You Should Leave In The Past

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Dating advice is never in short supply and it can be sometimes difficult to differentiate between good and sound advice from the bad ones. This era of apps and ambiguity makes it even more difficult, coupled with the amount of outdated dating rules that fail to acknowledge how much things have changed.

If you’re keen on making your life easier in this modern world where most of the dogmatic dating advice from the past seem not to be effective, it’s best you leave the following from your handbook. You will do your relationship a lot of good and also make the world better if you stay away from them.

Making The First Move
While it is nice and reassuring for you, the man to make the first move. There’s no need for it to always be that way. If you’re a woman and you’re feeling confident enough, nothing should stop you from reaching out and making that connection. There’s no need for the man to feel obligated to beat her to it.

Pulling Out All The Stops
You don’t have to break the bank and your bank to get a woman to like you. There’s really no need to dress to the nines, either. Casual dates more often than not offer a better bet as they come with lesser pressure and much more fun.

Not Letting Her Know You’re Into Her
Unfortunately, this dating advice has been around for a very long time. There’s nothing wrong with being straightforward. As a matter of fact, people respect you for being this way. You can tell her you like her by complimenting her. There’s no need for you to fall all over yourself and note that if you’re too coy, chances are you would lose her to a guy that’s confident and expressive.

Pick Your Phone Up And Call Her
The fact is a number of us still prefer to communicate via phone calls or through human interactions but the truth is choosing to communicate via text or instant messages is not a bad idea.

It is much easier, especially if you’re always busy. Planning and confirming dates through instant messaging is totally acceptable and expected.

Waiting At Least Two Days Before Contacting Her
Waiting a few days before reaching out to her is nothing but stupid. The two-day rule is something that should be left in the dark alleys of the past and it is totally cool for you to reach out to her the same night or the next day to let her know you had a good time and would very much like to see her again.

Getting Her A Gift On The First Date
There’s really no need to impress her with gifts on your very first date. If you’re the type of person that is stuck on getting her chocolates, clothes, jewellery or whatever you’ve convinced yourself she would like, chances are she will appreciate it but it’s not a necessity. As a matter of fact, it could be an inconvenience if she has no where to put them during the date.

You Should Be Dating To Find Your Wife
There are numerous dating apps out there including Tinder, The Grade, OkCupid, and numerous others. These Dating apps were designed for dating—not necessarily marriage. Chances are some of the women you would meet will only be out to have a good time and nothing more. Never assume that she wants you for the long haul.




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