New Secrets Revealed About The Upcoming Season 8 Of #GameOfThrones

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The seventh season of #GameOfThrones left a lot of fans in awe and quite a lot to talk about, which is probably a good thing as we won’t see the 8th season till 2019. The anxiety of waiting for the final season of #GameOfThrones has perhaps left fans to do a lot of digging and come up with varying theories after the recent seventh season finale.

The most recent finale sprung up some theories regarding the likely return of certain significant side characters on #GameOfThrones. Some of these theories have however been put to an end with the release of casting news by the showrunners.

The season seven finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” saw almost all the surviving major players in the fictional Kingdom of Westeros. These included Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, all three Lannister siblings (Cersei, Jamie and Tyrion), The Hound, Brienne of Tarth, and more.

The pirate Euron Greyjoy was also present and left hurriedly after seeing the chained and undead wight that Jon and company transported to King’s Landing from the North; but which we soon found out was a ruse, cleverly planned with Cersei. Euron didn’t bail as presumed, but left King’s Landing to retrieve the Golden Company, a ruthless army of mercenaries and sellswords who fights for whoever pays them the most.

The #GameOfThrones fan theory that has however got the eyes of most people is as regards the return of Daario Naharis – the lover of Daenerys who she left in charge of Meereen while she finally sailed to Westeros. He was the leader of a separate unit of sellswords called the Second Sons, and some fans have have speculated that because he’s such a good fighter and now has some political experience serving his queen, he may have been able to take over the Golden Company during the time he was off the screen.

Daario naharis

This fan theory explains that when Euron comes calling, Daario would agree to have the Golden Company fight for Cersei only to pull a surprise attack on the Lannisters because he’s been aligned with Daenerys the whole time.

Unfortunately however, this #GameOfThrones fan theory may unlikely come to happen br it has been reported through the rumour mill that an entirely different actor has been cast in the role of the leader of the Golden Company.

German actor Marc Rissmann has been reported to “join the cast of Game of Thrones in the 8th and final season of the show.” The resume of the actor suggests the role he will be playing on the show and this is somewhat similar to George R.R. Martin’s books: Harry Strickland, leader of the mercenary group known as the Golden Company!

Rissmann Hamm had appearances as an actor on the BBC series The Last Kingdom, as well as an episode of AMC’s Into the Badlands. But the fact that he’s playing Golden Company leader Harry Strickland on #GameOfThrones may reduce our chances of ever seeing Daario Naharis again.

The fact is the suggested fan theory may seem a little too cliché for a show that has given viewers loads of surprises from the onset and Daario Naharis leading the Golden Company seems a little too easy for the climactic season of such a lengthy and complex story.

With only six episodes of Game of Thrones left and each one estimated to cost about 15 million dollars, there’s little to be sad about, especially since multiple prequel shows are in development, and that will keep us in the fantasy land of Westeros and Essos for a long time.



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