How To Make Your Relationship Work At The Second Try

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There are times when we fall out of love and leave a relationship only to wait sometime and we just can’t help but want to give it a second try. Our failure to let things go is normal as either one or the two of us want to give the relationship another go.

This most often results in years of wondering what would have happened if we tried to make the relationship work and stayed together. Soon enough, wondering turns into pining and regret.

After ruminating on past relationships over the years, a lot of couples decide to give one a second try and the surprising thing is that it usually works out the second time around.
Getting back together the second time can be tasking since you may not know if you’re doing it for the right reasons or if it will actually work out this time around. Here are a number of tips to follow if you find yourself in this dilemma.

Realise The Importance Of Your Partner In Your Life
Deciding to get back with someone because you miss them is not a strong enough reason as you need to be aware of how important the person is in your life and how attached you are to hem for you to want them back.

This awareness is important, as it can serve as a source of motivation for you to work harder on the second try and to also help you compromise and respond to each other’s needs better.

Time And Age Can Help Change Everything
If you and your partner got together at an early age, there’s a possibility that as time passes by, you can both wipe the slate clean. The fact is almost everything gets better when the both of you outgrow the sulking and immature early 20s.

Correct The Problems Of The Past
The only way a rekindled romance lasts is if both parties address the thing that made them break up in the first place. Ensuring the things that didn’t work in the past that may range from distance, emotional maturity, lack of connection, cheating or timing is fixed is essential.

A failure to attend to the original problem will most likely result in a quick death of the new relationship, irrespective of how good it appears to be.

Know That You Can Only Go Forward
Trying to make a relationship work the the second time around requires that you start from the beginning. A lot of the times, couples giving their relationship a second try more often than not try to kick things off from where they stopped, without going back and trying to patch the holes that caused the break up.

It is important to build off from where you stopped but not to attempt to recreate the interesting parts of your relationship, while failing to acknowledge the bad that caused the break up in the first place.

Communication Is Essential
You have to be willing to talk about the tiny details of what led to the breakup from why you did the things you did, your faults and the things you’re going to do differently on the second try or there won’t be a need to bother yourself with being in the relationship.

You must ensure that there is some level of trust that can help you and your partner communicate as openly and honestly as possible moving forward. For a lot of couples, a lack of honesty is a part of what broke them up in the first place and failing to improve on this will surely have a negative effect on your second try.



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