Machin: Barcelona Depend On Messi, Than Madrid Do On Ronaldo

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Girona gaffer, Pablo Machin believes Barcelona are a side that depends on Messi, more than Madrid do on Ronaldo.

Messi has scored 11goals to help Barcelona to the top of the table, however, he struggled to make an impact against Girona and Barcelona had to depend on two own goals and a Suarez goal to win.

Machin believes Madrid will play a better game than Barcelona did, despite Ronaldo’s poor run of form.

“They are two very good footballers and two amazing teams. But there’s a greater dependency on Messi at Barcelona than Cristiano at Madrid,” Machin told a news conference.

“They’re numbers, when Messi doesn’t score he gives an assist or starts the play.

“We thought that cancelling out that source of football and goals would give us more chances of beating Barca. It started well because Messi didn’t intervene, but with the own goals and the fact they’re very good, they beat us well.

“Madrid have many more sources to create chances to score, they all do it. We’ll have to focus on trying to stop everyone in the best way possible.”



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