How To Know The Only Thing She Wants From You Is Sex

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There comes a time when you invest your time and effort in a particular woman, because you don’t just want to have sex but see a future with her.

You want so much from her that you look forward to going out on dates, listening to what she has to say and chatting with her through instant messaging. Everything seems perfect but you have the feeling that she doesn’t seem to want something serious.

The fact is not all women are on the lookout for a long-term commitment. Some feel they are still young, while others simply want to take some time off from going all out and just want to have sex. Believe it or not, not all women are looking for a long-term commitment.

If you’re not sure if she’s as committed as you are, here are some signs that can determine if she’s in for a long term thing or she just wants to have sex.

You’re Not Her Friend On Social Media
If you sent her a request on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and she left your request pending, she’s telling you she doesn’t want to be involved in your personal life. As a matter of fact, she just doesn’t care what happens in it.

She Avoids Introducing You To Her Friends
Even though you have told her time and time again that you’d love to know her friends, she always manages to come up with an excuse every single time.

This is a sign she’s not down for commitment, because if she was she would want her friends to interrogate you and provide her with information on whether you’re good enough for her or not.

Your Conversations Turns Sexual Mostly
Irrespective of what you’re both discussing, be it work, politics, the environment or the taste of the food you’re eating, the conversation always seems to turn sexual.

There are certain times when that is cool but there are also times you need to have deeper and more meaningful conversations that doesn’t involve sex.

If she almost always manages to turn the conversation to something sexual, there’s a chance she doesn’t want a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

Dates Are Mostly At Your Place Or Her Place
While you may think this helps to save cost, it also may mean that she’s avoiding being seen with you in public. Perhaps, she has a number of men that are at her beck and call and she doesn’t want to risk being caught.

She’s Angry When You’re Not Interested In Having Sex
When those very rare occasions come up when you’re not interested in having sex, perhaps due to a stressful day or tiredness, she lashes out and gets angry. Instead of comforting you or making an attempt to talk about your day, all she cares about is satisfying herself.

You’ve Never Talked About Where Your Relationship Is Headed
There’s a chance she’s avoiding you and her talking about the direction your relationship is headed. There’s also a chance she doesn’t want to out rightly tell you or have you discover that the only thing she wants from you is sex.

Her Plans With You Are Mostly At Night
This is sign is one of the biggest pointers of the fact that she wants you for sex and nothing more. It may show that she’s too busy during the day and can only make herself available at night.

The truth is every human is capable of making out time for the things they want, and if sex is what she wants, she will make out time for it later at night, when she’s done with the things that are more important than you.




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