4 Essential Grooming Habits Every Man Should Adopt From Their Girlfriend

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There are always things to learn from your girlfriend that cuts across character, principles, values and believe it or not, grooming.

Whetherhave an overwhelming sense of grooming that can be seen in their bathroom from the rows of lotions and potions, various sharp and dangerous-looking tools, and a number of things men are more likely to assume are hair products, yet have little idea what they do.
The truth is there’s so much to learn from the grooming products of your girlfriend and their respective regimens. Here are a number of grooming tips that you can adopt from your partner to look better than you already do.

Apply Sunscreen Regularly
A lot of men have the warped idea that sunscreens are only meant for their bodies when they’re spending time at the beach but that is not the case. Using sunscreens can help to offer protection from the sun and prevent sunspots, fine lines, wrinkles and skin cancer.

Women know that sunscreen is not just for a day at the beach. Some moisturizers have sunscreens in them or they can come as an entirely separate product that you can use daily.

Put Your Eyebrows On Fleek
Men naturally have thick and bold brows but it is important to put them in check. Eyebrows that are too thick are a problem and you can use small scissors straight across them to trim and remove excess hair. You can also tweeze and remove stray hairs that grow underneath your arch.

You should however be careful not to groom them too much as they still need to appear natural and masculine.

Wash Your Face Regularly
The key grooming product here is a dace wash. You should not think the suds of shampoo that fall to your face from washing your hair when you take your bath cannot be counted.

Whether you’re making use of creams that prevent acne or anti-aging creams, you can add a number of mens face wash products to beauty regimen to help your skin look better than you can imagine.

Using Exfoliating face washes once a week can help you get rid of dead skin cells from your face.

Learn To Moisturize
After going through the pain and rigour of washing your face, don’t allow the effort get wasted by forgetting to moisturise your face.

Nobody likes to have wrinkles be it men or women and the way to avoid this is to lather up your face and the rest of you body along with it. You can rub on a layer of lotion immediately after having a shower to retain the moisture. Be sure to apply extra lotion to your elbows and dry heels.

Pay Good Attention To Your Nails
Having a manicure and pedicure is as good as it gets for anybody, men inclusive. While you may not pay the much attention to such, it is still important for you to keep the nails on your fingers and toes as trim and clean as possible.

Taking this cue from your girlfriend will not only score you good points with her, but also make you a better man in all.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this information. Instead of this, if you want a good appearance for her, you can also take care of your feet regularly by adopting the pedicure technique for trimmed nails, moisturized skin & pretty feet.

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