Four Reasons Why You Should Always Have A Cold Shower

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We’ve heard a lot of reasons why having a hot shower is beneficial especially during the cold season but a lot of us don’t know that there is a lot of good in having a cold shower.

And the health benefits inherent in having a cold shower range from having having healthy skin to helping you lose weight. Here are some reasons why you should have a cold shower today.

They Help Your Skin And Hair Look Better
Using hot or warm water when taking your bath will dry out your skin, making them appearance scaly and flaky as time goes by. The alternative however helps to keep your skin and hair healthy by closing your pores and preventing them from getting clogged. It also helps prevent the breaking out of pimples.

Furthermore, cool showers ensures that less of the natural oils that keep your hair shiny is removed, while also helping to maintain the luscious looks of your hair or natural locks as the case may be.

Cold Showers Can Help Improve Your Focus
Having a cold shower first thing in the morning can instantly make you feel alert and awake. It do this by increasing your heart rate and the energy levels in your body.

If the water is very cool, you may find it difficult to breath at first but the deep heavy breathing will eventually increase the amount of oxygen your body takes in, making you feel more refreshed and energetic.

They Aid Muscle Healing And Recovery
Have you ever thought of the reason why ice packs arr used for athletes and sportsmen who have a strain, sprain or inflammation? There you have it.

Water that is cool or ice baths help athletes cool down in between or after sporting activities. Increased or extreme coldness helps to reduce the amount of lactic acid in the body and also help in the healing and quick recovery of muscles. If you’re a gym freak and don’t have access to Ice-cold showers, the next best thing to have is a cold shower.

They Can Help You Lose Weight
The human body reacts to cold weather in a different way from most animals. It does this by generating heat from burning calories which helps to increase the core temperature of the body.

A study conducted in the United States of America in 2009 found that the extra energy generated and burned off by having a cold shower is enough to remove a much as four kilograms of fat from the human body a year. More so, an increase in the heart rate is also good for the heart, as it helps to boost circulation all around the body.

Cold Showers Help To Boost Your Will Power
Discipline and Will power goes hand in hand, and just like the muscles of your body, needs to be exercised and maintained. The mental strength to have a cold shower every morning will in no small measure help o strengthen and flex your will power.

Being able to stop yourself from running the hot tap requires some serious amount of self-control that you can employ in other areas of your life. This can help you to form other positive habits that will be beneficial to you.



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