Foods You Should Eat To Have Longer, Fuller And Healthy Hair

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Knowing the right type of foods to eat can save you from having to pop hair growth pills or follow complicated routines that usually have a draining effect. The truth is a lot of fruits and foods can take the place of drugs and provide your hair with a luscious effect that will make it longer, fuller and healthier.

The fruits not only have the advantage of tasting good, but can also cost you lesser along the way because of the health benefits that they provide for your hair strands and scalp. If you’re wondering what fruits are exactly useful, here are a number of useful foods and their benefits.

Asparagus is a vegetable plant that contains high levels of water soluble vitamins. It is rich in calcium and vitamins A and C, which helps to strengthen the hair strands.

Blueberries like most edible berries contain high amounts of antioxidants, which are good in mopping up free radicals in the body. This fruit also supports hair growth by improving circulation in the body and scalp.

This vegetable contains a lot of proteins in it and eating a lot of proteins can be useful in making your skin glow. Incorporating proteins in your diet can help to support healthygrowth.

Okra has the ability to reduce inflammation of scalp conditions that causes dandruff and itchiness, making you have an appealing look.

Peaches have a lot of vitamins A and C, and they are very good at providing moisture to the skin and hair.

This fruit contains large amounts of vitamin C, which is very useful in helping the body repair and renew it’s tissues. This helps the hair retain its glow.

Cauliflower contains a lot of compounds that have a lot of health benefits. It specifically contains beta-carotene which has a number of benefits. A deficiency in beta-carotene can lead to thinning and breakage of hair, so eating cauliflower will encourage regrowth in thin areas of the scalp.

Apricots are highly useful and beneficial to hair growth. Regular consumption of this fruit ensures an increase in the production of sebum in your scalp.

Sebum helps to keep your hair moisturised and conditioned. Apricots come in synthetic forms such as kernel oil that can also help to relieve itchy scalp.

These fruits are not too common around the tropics but they contain a high amount of antioxidants compound which can help to protect the body from free radical agents that can be harmful to it.

Furthermore, it also protects the hair and skin against ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, which has been known to damage the melanin and protein present in follicles. They also help to slow aging and damaging process by blocking those harmful agents.

The Kiwi fruit contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C which can help the body remove toxins that can be harmful to the body.

Mango is a fruit that can help to keep your hair moisturised as it contains as much as 80% water. This gives the fruit a lot of restorative properties that can keep you looking fresh.

Mushrooms are a great source of fiber and vitamin D which can make your hair full and strong.

Strawberries have very high levels of antioxidants that helps the body support its immune system in such a way that it also protects the hair.

Water melon contains as much as 92% water and is an excellent source for the provision of moisture for your hair. Their high water content also helps to keep the body hydrated.




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