Five Things That May Trigger Cheating In Your Relationship

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There are no two ways about it. Cheating on your significant other in a committed monogamous relationship is a terrible thing to say the least. It however comes in several forms, from the sexual form to the emotional form. And unfortunately, cheating comes in several forms.

Emotional affairs are tricky because people tend to form an intense bond with people outside their relationship and not realise that they are doing anything wrong since they haven’t cheated physically. This type of affair can be as damaging as sexual affairs since it feels like a betrayal of trust and an outsourcing of the very important connective tissue of a relationship.

While you and your partner will have friends outside your relationship, it is important to shut things down before they become intimate in a way that can threaten your relationship.

Here are a number of things that may trigger cheating without you even knowing it.

One of you Just Got Promoted At Work
Career success can be exciting but it’s easy for you to feel left out, if your partner just got promoted. It is even truer if the new position comes with more travel, longer hours and late nights that keeps them away while you have to pick up the slack at home.

When one person feels taken for granted, there’s a possibility of them seeking for emotional fulfilment with someone else. If you’re the one who’s burning time at work, be sure to let your partner know of your new schedule and find ways to work together with the new status quo.

If your partner is the one with the promotion, congratulate them and let them bask in the success for a few days. Then check-in about how you can work together to make sure you’re not taking on too much and how you can find quality time together even with the demands of the new job.

Work is Hectic For Both of you
There will be times when you and your partner will be swamped with work bit failing to communicate during such times leaves an opening for you to get validation from someone else. That’s why it is still important to check in with each other and be a presence in each other’s lives, even if you physically spend less time together.

You can try sending messages that lists out a few reasons why your significant other means so much to you or talk about a weekend getaway you’ll take when things calm down. Trying to reinforce the connection continually is important even at those times you can’t be together. This reduces the chances of either of you seeking emotional intimacy elsewhere.

If You just had a Baby
Children are wonderful but they can be incredibly hard on relationships. If either or both of you are absorbed with your newborn, it can leave you both feeling a little neglected, so much so that you seek attention elsewhere.

That is why you and your partner should connect on a daily basis either in the morning or evenings. Whatever mode you choose, you and your partner know that you value each other outside your role as parents.

There’s A Tragedy In The Family
Grieving fellows usually want to step outside their circle and get a different perspective regarding life, especially if other members of their family are grieving too. It is however important to be wary of your conversations with a new confidante.

It is quite easy for even the most steadfast of persons to fall fall fall into flirtatious exchanges that can blow up and lead to cheating.

Cheating can occur for something as simple as Boredom. Striking a connection with someone asides your partner is appealing and exciting, especially if you feel your day-to-day life has somewhat become slow and monotonous.

Emotional affairs sometimes begin simply as a way to escape boredom and you may think you have things under control up until the messages and contents of the relationship gets revealed. As such, make it a point of duty to have fun and laughing often with your partner. Try out new places and challenges to help create a new and different perspective for your relationship. Mixing things up a little can go a long way.




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