Everything You Should Know When You Suspect She’s Faking An Orgasm

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There’s a high chance that you would have known a lot about the female anatomy by now, but not so much can be said about the science behind the female orgasm. While some men have pretty much found it easy to get their women to orgasm, for others, their partners are probably faking it.

A lot of women fake getting to their sexual peak as a recent study found that seven in 10 women have faked an orgasm at some point in their relationship. There’s however no reason to be worried as a guy as it’s not entirely your fault if you can’t get her there.

If you’re keen on knowing whether your partner is faking an orgasm or not, here are a number of facts that will help you sleep better at night.

She’s Cheating
Another study suggests that women who fake orgasms are more likely to cheat on their partners. The researchers concluded that this goes both ways and is not restricted to gender, and that men and women who faked sexual satisfaction were far more unfaithful.

She Has Mixed Feelings
One study found that 48 percent of women report feeling neutral and unfazed after faking an orgasm with their partners. What is even more surprising is that 25 percent of women are happy and thankful of the fact that they can successfully pull off a fake orgasm.

While some feel guilty about the fact that they have to fake it, only about eight percent feel “annoyed” that they had to fake it in the first place.

Faking It Can Help Them Get There
A survey conducted on 366 women between the ages of 18 to 32 who openly admitted to faking orgasms found that pretending to orgasm can actually boost women’s sexual satisfaction.

When asked why they faked it, they basically said they faked it till they could get there.

Moaning Loudly Is To Help You
When she’s moaning and groaning, her intention I to help you. One study suggested that when a woman feels you’re close to climax, she naturally becomes more vocal as a way of helping you have an intense orgasm. While it may be fake, it still remains kind of real.

Women Feel Euphoric Whether They Faked It Or Not
A team of British researchers polled 70 women between the ages of 18 and 48, and found that 80 percent of them did fake orgasms during vaginal intercourse at least half of the time. The research also found that 25 percent of women moan 90 percent of the time regardless of whether or not they climax, which may mean that some.of it was real.

She’s Very Committed
Yet another study found that women who tend to fake orgasms are anxious about being intimate. A lot of such women Feel that if they are to achieve an orgasm, it should be with someone they can share intimacy with. As such, if she’s not having one with you, she may be trying to keep her distance.

She Maybe Trying To Keep You Committed
A study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior which surveyed 453 heterosexual women in long-term relationships found that faking an orgasm is actually an evolutionary adaptation.
According to evolutionary theory, a woman’s orgasm causes her body to retain sperm for child-bearing and she may just be subconsciously trying to convince you that her body is capable of bearing your children.




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