Chewing Gum Affects Your Libido And Four Other Scientifically Proven Things That Do

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Our libido is a very important part of our lives as they not only help to determine our ability to procreate but also how much we can pleasure ourselves.

There are a number of things that we however do on a daily basis that affects our libido and this range from the seemingly simple to the bizarre. One of those things you do on a daily basis that you probably don’t know affects your libido is chewing gum.

Every time you decide to freshen up your breath with some chewing gum prior to having sex, you should think twice before doing so as recent researches have shown that chewing gum prior to sex will affect your bedroom life in a negative way.

The act of chewing and failing to swallow tends to make your body bloated as you take in a lot of air. Your stomach will think that food is on its way and release a lot of stomach enzymes in preparation for the digestion of food that will never come. This can lead to gastric problems and excess gas.

As such, while you’re having clean. minty and fresh breath, you may be prone to releasing gas at the other end with awful smells. As such, instead of chewing gum to freshen up, opt to just brush your teeth. More so, peppermint as also being known to repress testosterone levels which can in turn lower your libido.

Chewing gum prior to having a sexual room beneath the sheets is not the only thing you should avoid. If you’re having a date prior to having sex , you’re in love with munching down on cheese and meat or gulping down lots of alcohol, you’ve got bad news wait for you.

Here are four other foods you should stay away from I you’re thinking o having sex after. The good thing is one of them is something most of us would rather stay away from anyways.

The Digestive Problems Associated With Red meat
Red meat is usually difficult to digest and gives your digestive system extra work to do. This will usually make you feel tired and fatigued which is usually a bad thing when you’re thinking of having hot steamy sex.

This type of vegetable like most vegetables has a lot of health benefits ranging from tissue repairs to anti-oxidant properties. The bad thing however is that they give a bad stink and will fill up the room quicker than you can think thereby affecting your libido.

The Alcohol Problem
All forms of alcohol, whether beer, Red wine, vodka and whatever form you may think of can actually help to make you feel more comfortable and less nervous at a date. A little too much of it can however cause you to perform poorly when you decide to get dirty sexually.

It is especially so for men as it can cause poor performance and quick ejaculation. Alcohol is a depressant for both sexes and can cause gas problems just like gums too.

Cheese And Dairy Effects
Cheese alongside a number of dairy products tend to affect sexual libido and as such, it is best you skip any food containing them before having sex.

Dairy products can make your body produce a lot of mucus, leaving your body bloated and with lots of gas that can make sex uncomfortable.



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