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The very talented BOJ finally released his long awaited album titled “Magic” and we love it!

The album consists of 15 tracks and features music industry heavyweights like Banky W, Olamide, YCee, Falz, Wande Coal and more. We sat with BOJ to talk about the album and life in general, check out the interview below.

Q: How did the album name Magic come about?

BOJ: Well basically, I recorded a song called Magic and to me it was the perfect song to start the project and to set the mood for the album so i just decided to call the album Magic and go off the vibe of this particular song.

Q: Okay talking about mood, how would you describe the mood of this album?

BOJ: The mood of the album, I’ll say it’s like regular BOJ you know.. I mean in terms of very calm music. Obviously there’s some up-tempo stuff but still in a calm way. There are a few songs that you won’t expect from me normally so yeah, It’s basically just a vibe.

Q: Do you have a favorite song on the album?

BOJ: I actually have a couple. Gbe Soke, Magic, Balance and Wednesday.. these are my favorite songs from the album

Q: Is there any artiste or Producer in the industry yet you haven’t worked with but would love to?

BOJ: Oh, I keep saying it in Interviews, I would love to work with Asa. I haven’t worked with her yet but hopefully soon. For producers, I would love to work with Don Jazzy

Q: What’s next now? The Magic Album is out so what’s next for BOJ? Should we expect more music?

BOJ: Well now the album is out, I want to start shooting videos for the songs. I’m actually gonna let the fans pick which video they would want me to shoot. We’ll be getting opinions from the fans on what videos they want to see. There are a lot of songs so obviously i’m still gonna drop songs but right now my focus is on shooting quality videos for songs from the album.

Q: Who’s your favorite Nigerian artiste at the moment?

BOJ: My favorite Nigerian artiste at the moment is Wande Coal, luckily i got him on the album.

Q: There’s a whole lot of music out right now, what kind of music are you listening to? If I go through your favorite playlist right now what kind of music would we find ?

BOJ: *laughs* If you go through my library now, I swear to God you will only see BOJ songs and DRB songs. The only time i listen to songs like that is if i’m with my friends, they put me on what they’re on so when you think about it, I listen to a wide variety of music. Hip Hop, Afrobeats, yeah basically that’s what I listen to. I’m listening to a lot of these young guys out now, Odunsi, Fashina, Lady Donli.. Those guys are a whole different vibe o, it’s like a new genre man.. I don’t  know, but it’s mad. A lot of people need to start listening to these new generation cats because they’re the ones going to shape the whole sound of Nigerian music real soon.

Q: You signed with HF Music last year, how has that been?

BOJ: Well, HF Music has been great. I used to say before that I never wanted to sign with a record label but as we all know, na condition dey make crayfish bend so yeah I did it and I’ve been dropping music, I’ve been shooting videos which is basically the aim so yeah it’s been alright, I guess.

Q: About DRB Lasgidi, how’s the group doing? Are we gonna get a collective project from you guys anytime soon?

BOJ: Everyone is doing their thing right now, Fresh L is signed to Urban Vision, Teezee is the brand ambassador for Jameson so he’s ventured more into the alcohol brand thing at the moment and he’s done a very good job with them, all the young ones who are of age are drinking Jameson now.

Q: You seem to be cool with a lot of people in the industry, outside of DRB who’s your closest friend?

BOJ: My closest friend outside DRB in the industry is Ajebutter. I’m cool with a lot of people but it’s not like I hang out with them regularly. The only person I do hang out with a lot that’s actually my friend is Ajebutter and actually Olamide as well. Olamide is close too, he’s a correct guy but Ajebutter is my closest friend in the Industry.


You can listen to BOJ’s new album on Soundcloud here


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