An Average Person’s Guide To Taking A Beautiful Selfie

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Every single one of us can relate to taking loads of pictures on our smart phones before getting one selfie that looks good enough for us to show friends.

Love or hate them, selfies have become a part of us and whether you intend to send a flirtatious picture to your partner or you want to update your social media profile, it’s best to know how to look your best in them.

Take A Moment And Cover The Basics
Before taking a selfie, take some time and check your appearance in a mirror. Is your hair well combed? Are your eyes clear? Are your teeth clean? Do you need to reduce the oil on your face with a touch of powder? The fact that you’d probably be taking a picture people will be seeing requires you to look your best.

If you know a particular top will make you look better or bring another side of your personality, wear it. Consider colour, too, as the contrast a shirt creates can have a big effect on your skin tones.

If you’re interested in taking a full-body selfie, ensure that all your clothes are clean and that they fit well and flatter your features as much as possible.

Pay Attention To Lighting and Background
Background matters a lot and it is much easier to alter the lighting and background than you think. All it ma require to change it could be you moving close to a window where natural light is much. Avoid having the window behind you when taking a selfie as your picture is likely to come out dark.

You can also make use of “magic-hour” natural light or the time that is roughly an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Soft artificial illumination or indirect light from non-fluoro bulbs in addition to “magic hour” can help to add warmth to your selfie.

Aesthetically pleasing and interesting backgrounds can also say much about you. A rugged landscape can suggest you’re an extrovert that loves being outdoors just as art behind your back can indicate a refined personality.

Angle Is Important
Professional photographers have suggested that taking Selfies from below suggests power, th th is you’re more likely to end up with a selfie that will only show your neck, chin and nostrils.

You should instead, try Taking your pictures slightly down, to emphasise your cheekbones and reduce the roundness of your chin and neck.
There’s also no need to stare at the lens of the camera as you’re not taking a passport photograph. You should instead use the rule of thirds which is more compelling if your face is top-left or top-right of frame, with your eyeline one-third down from the top of the frame.

Looking off to the side of the camera tends to create a bit of mystery while also making it evident that you have the confidence to break the rules. Remember to continue to experiment till you find the best angle that suits your face.

Your Smile Is Everything
Every single one of us react more positively to a smiling face but that doesn’t mean all smiles will elicit the same reaction. The fact however is that when you smile with your eyes (smizing), you’re bound to get more positive reactions. The way to do this is to make yourself laugh and then ease back into a smile before pressing the shutter button of your smartphone.

You can easily capture the sparkle in your eyes and a genuine smile, instead of that forced smile common to television show hosts that that everyone can decipher.

Edit, Frame And Filter
With the digital age, you absolutely don’t have to pay to get your selfies right. You can just keep taking pictures till you get the most beautiful selfie. You can then proceed to frame and filter by playing around with your phone or camera’s editing tools or downloadable filters.

You should however remember that a standard selfie can come alive if you’re willing to crop from full face to a partial image of your face and eyes. The same thing is applicable if you try black and white or adjust the contrast, colour saturation and warmth settings.




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