7 Things That Are Stopping Her Friends From Warming Up To You

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It doesn’t take rocket science to know when your girlfriend’s friends don’t like you but it may be hard to know the reasons for their dislike. It’s usually not too hard to notice when your girlfriend’s friend’s don’t like you.

While you’re seriously committed to her, you just don’t understand the reason why they don’t want you to be with her. Here’s a handy checklist that you can use to check yourself and turn things around before your girlfriend feels she has to choose between you and her friends.

You Allow Her Pay For Everything
If you live with your girlfriend, borrow money from her regularly and offer very little in return, chances are that are friends see you as a liability instead of a dedicated partner. They are also probably telling her to leave you. Why would they warm up to you?

You Were Double-dating At The Beginning Of Your Relationship With Her
If you were in another relationship when you started dating her or you didn’t end things with your ex prior to being with her, her friends will most likely not trust you. Their belief would be that since you’ve cheated on your ex with her in the past, what’s to stop you from doing it again?

You Just Put An End To A Serious Relationship
Just as they have a bad impression of you with not putting an end to your last relationship before dating your girlfriend, they also have a problem with you jumping right into into relationship after ending a serious relationship.

They will think of you as someone only interested in using their friend as a rebound or as a serial monogamist. Either ways, getting them to warm up to you will be a hard task.

You Once Dated One Of Her Friends
If you once dated someone in their circle of friends, you should take a cue and cast your net wider next time. You’d most likely have a tough time getting across to your beau if you’re keen on sticking with her as you’re likely going to have a hard time winning over the mutual friends of your ex and your girlfriend.

You’ve Connected With Her Friends On Social Media
If you have interacted with one or any of her friends on dating apps such as Tinder or social media in general, there’s a likelihood that they will have problems warming up to you. Things are bound to look a little weird even if you didn’t hook up with them as they probably would have talked about you.

Your Best Friend Screwed Over One Of Her Friends
This one is guilt by association. If your best friend or any of your close buddies as done one of the members of her clique bad, either by ghosting or been anything other than a gentleman to any one in her circle of friends, they will most likely hold it against you.

You will have a tough task convincing and proving to them that you’re not a jerk like your friend.

You Are The Controlling Type
While you may be excited to spend a lot of time around your new girlfriend, her friends may not take it likely if you start to demand to always have her attention. Being demanding of her time and attention won’t go down well with her clique as they will most likely see you as a threat to the friendship they have built over the years.

More so, they will also see you as an insecure jerk that will probably cause their beloved friend more than a few problems down the road.



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