6 Different Things You Can Say To Rude People To Make Them Have A Rethink

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There will always be people that would be rude to you no matter how polite and gentle you are to them and having the perfect response can make them have a rethink.

To a Romantic Partner: “This song should do the magic.”
Your partner is not mean. Chances are the things they said to you was because they were tired, we’re trying to be too honest or because of too much familiarity that they think you can accept anything they throw at you.
You may also have done the same thing to them but it’s time you put a stop to those comments which will only make you and your partner hurt and resentful. The next time they say something that gurus, take a step back and listen to that soothing song they love. The lyrics should do the magic and save the moment.

To A Random Angry Stranger: “Happy New Year!”
With the economic situation, lots of road rage and spontaneous tirades are common which makes dealing with a rude person in public dangerous. This is why before deciding to reply an insult, you need to be cautious and kind too.
Even though you know we are already past half of the year, a good response to a snide remark from a random total stranger in public is to tell them “Happy New Year!” This response will most likely leave them stunned and confused, as they will be wondering where your response came out from.
There’s no need to fight, yell or stoop to their level, as you can simply walk away calmly, knowing you have neutralised their rudeness.

To the Bad First Date: “This isn’t about the terrible food, is it?”
It could be that you’re at a date and barely 10 minutes into it, your date is already telling you how much they hate the food, about their ex and how uncomfortable their lives are.
If you find them shouting at the waiter about how terrible the food is, chances are you just want to call the night quits. Instead, ask them for a little backstory. Their tale of the pain they felt in the past can incredibly help soothe them. Express your sympathies and proceed to call it a night.

To A Bitter Colleague: “Let’s finish this over drinks.”
Very rarely will you go to bed after having an angry spat with your spouse, especially if you want to spend the rest of your life with them. What you do is explain to them how much they hurt your feelings and make up.
This however is not the same thing when it comes to an annoying colleague who always finds a way to make you angry. While you may have avoided them for long, the next time they attack you, you can simply tell them that you’ve got to go and you can finish up the spat over drinks.
People tend to free their emotions over drinks and let you know about the root cause of their problems with you. You can deal with all the snide remarks that would come from the bottom of your heart without the fear of pretence.

To the Lousy Family Member: “I’m sensitive.”
You will always have family members that will be Lousy and have their nose all up in your affairs and they are not going to miraculously change their ways. The good thing however is that you only have to tolerate them only for a few days since you won’t be seeing them regularly.
At those times, you’re allowed to express yourself and telling them you’re sensitive to particular comments they make will shut them up. Chances are they will be so surprised that you will have enough time to savour the joy of putting them in their place.

To the Person That Trolls You Over The Internet: Nothing at all.
Say nothing at all. Simply reach for the block button of your app and never see their comments again.





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