5 Times You Should Keep Quiet Instead Of Sharing Information

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It is sometimes difficult to know when actually sharing information becomes too much even though it is essential to be able to determine when it happens. Be it a weekend outing or the funny things that happens in the bus on your way to work, there’s a huge chance you enjoy talking about your life like every regular person out there.
Talking about what happens to us and listening to what happens to others is how we connect with people. In certain situations however, it would be better to keep quiet or share as little information as possible. Here are some examples of times when it will be better to keep quiet for your own sake.

Telling Your Girlfriend The Details Of A Bachelor Party
While the party may have been one of the best you’ve attended, your girlfriend sure doesn’t want to hear about it. While honesty is one of the most important thing in a relationship, it is important to note that less is really more in some cases. Bachelor parties have a bad reputation already and any information regarding your presence at one will be seen as anything but innocent. Add to that the stories of how you got drunk, chances are you’d be able to feel the fight coming.
As such,its best you do yourself a favour and keep quiet or give as little information as possible. If you were however unfaithful, that’s an entirely different conversation and you’re on your own.

Telling Your Friends About Who You Had Sex With
It is surprising how people don’t seem to know that no one cares about their sex lives. If you’d be talking about having sex, your words shouldn’t be more than “I had sex and it was great.”
The major reason to keep quiet about this is the fact that you’re talking about your nether region and no one wants to visualise their friends naked. More so, you’d be sounding pathetic and needy, with people thinking you actually don’t have a sex life that’s worthy of attention.

Explaining The Reason For Being Late To Your Boss
Sometimes, all it takes is for you to forget to set your alarm, or a hangover from a previous night of drinking to send your weekday morning into disarray. You’re faced with two choice. Either confess your stupidity to your boss hoping they will understand or come up with a lie. It will be better to go with the latter option as nothing seems as bad as having to spend a lot of time explaining something that should be nothing more than an occasional byproduct of a 9-to-5 job.
Irrespective of whether the cause of your lateness is legitimate or not, it doesn’t matter. No one wants to hear your excuses for being late. Apologize for any inconvenience your lateness may have caused and say nothing more.

Telling A Colleague About Getting A New Job
While doing this may seem innocent, telling your coworker you’re hunting for a new job looks bad from a number of angles. For one, you’re telling them you have little regard for the company where your colleague still works, which might sound insulting. More so, if you and the coworker you’re relating the information to are close friends, they will feel bad about you leaving them. Thirdly, if you’re required to collaborate with them on an assignment, especially if your work is supposed to fall on their lap as they may start complaining to others and it could get back to your boss before you even put in your letter of resignation.

Talking About The Drugs You Do
While this doesn’t apply to everyone, it does apply to the young and wild. No one cares or wants to talk about how much weed you smoke and there’s no reason to be bragging about it. Talking about you taking hard drugs will surely push people away from you as you’ve just admitted that you’re on a path to destruction.
Whether you have it under control or not, chances are adults and people with family will want to stay away from you. Most importantly, you should get help as drugs kill.



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