5 Things Women Post On Instagram That Can Tell You All You Need To Know About Them

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Women are avid users of Instagram and this perhaps can be adduced to the fact that they love and enjoy taking and pictures of themselves on the app. Smart men can however deduce a number of things from what women post on the app, especially as it relates to dates or relationships.

A friend recently relayed how a lady he met through Instagram and had several dates with kept posting subliminal messages including memes about all guys being dogs and the single life. This necessitated my friend coking her after a few dates. Perhaps she didn’t enjoy the dates but she simply could have blocked him on instagram which begs the question of why she didn’t.

It’s quite simple really. She wants him to keep reading all her messages but what she may not have known is the fact that a certain message and her penchant for always posting pictures and messages related to her personal life had him let her loose.

Here are a number of other things women post on Instagram that can provide you with enough information about them.

Indulgent Selfies
Perhaps the best thing about Instagram is the selfie and it can also provide something to Troll the woman about. The ability of the woman to take good and sexy selfies is something you should appreciate. A pretty and sexy one can pretty much confirm that you’ve been able to bag a babe you can proudly flaunt around.

But if she takes one per day? Or even much more than that? It’s easy to begin to think that she is narcissistic and there’s basically no need to see her face from an array of angles every time you open your Instagram.

Pet Pictures
Women that love pets will usually post loads and loads of pictures of the animal they adore on instagram. Even if you’re the type of man that loves cats or dogs, you will most likely deduce that she’s the type that wants her pet to rule the house.

Some may even take it to the extreme by making their pet speak on their Instagram which only serves to compound the problem. Trying to refer to a pet like you would a child, is basically terrifying. A woman that constantly does this will most probably become the lonely pet owner she jokes about.

Posts with #Friyay #TGIF
This is perhaps the silliest thing women post on their Instagram and it tells you most of what you need to know about the type of things that amuse her (you know the whole get high on alcohol thing?)

More so, this can be an indication that she is a woman that is trying to get to a point in her life where her goal in life is not to get to Friday or it has basically stopped working. She will most likely be a grumpy pet lover too and that to say the least, is unacceptable.

Inspirational Quotes
Posting inspirational Quotes every once in a while can be refreshing and everyone needs someone that can jolt them to be better versions of themselves.

Too much of everything is however bad and it’s best such is left for rare occasions, otherwise they lose their jolt.
Women that regularly post this way could suggest that she’s the type that is all about the energy and one that believes in Crystal balls and beads. And it may not be as positive as you think.

Hotel And Travel Photos
Instagram pictures that shows a woman in various hotel rooms and different travel spots could be an indication that she’s a “worldly” lass that is willing to go everywhere and plunge into any conversation that erupts.

It may also mean that she’s going to be someone that will be difficult to keep up with physically and financially if the travel Photos are regular.



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