Something New And Exciting Is Coming, Prepare For The Grey Room! #greyroomng

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Grey Room

When you put a couple of young vibrant Nigerians in a room and let them air their thoughts, you know you’ve got a great show! Welcome to The Grey Room.

Starting on Independence Day, October 1, “your thoughts become their talk”. The new YouTube show, The Grey Room puts a group of young people in front of a camera and they go off. They discuss the issues that shake up the Nigerian social media space daily and like typical Nigerians, there’s a whole lot of shouting and heated arguments.

The show looks great and a lot of fun from the trailer and true to our great nation, NEPA struck. The Grey Room presents a safe space for people to speak their mind so you know we’ll be here watching when the pilot for the show airs.

Check out the trailer below



The first episode drops on October 1 on YouTube. So go subscribe to the YouTube channel @greyroomng so you don’t miss any episode. Also you can connect with The Grey Room on Twitter and Instagram @greyroomng

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