Somebody help! She doesn’t like me but she loves my SPARK

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Women aren’t always completely clear when they reject guys but in my case, this beautiful lady was straight-to-the-point blunt. She simply told me. “I kinda slightly like you and you use the same smartphone as my roommate and it got me drooling”.

These days, most people are too busy with their lives like working, studying, maintaining friendships, staying in touch with family etc and most times when they are at parties or any form of gathering, they don’t really have time to engage in very long conversation that doesn’t involve money making or career upliftment.

So, make sure that first impression counts. In my case, the lady I met wasn’t “feeling the boy” rather she was basically falling in love with the boy’s smartphone. I would say I was kinda jealous of my own smartphone but that would be silly, right? Interestingly, that was the case.

However, the bright side of the whole story was that it gave me the opportunity to maintain a conversation as we spent the good part of the night talking about the specification of the device (thank God, I know a little about tech).

One of the best camera smartphone I have seen- she said

I affirmed her statement because I have been using the TECNO Spark for two weeks prior to the time I met her and the device have turned me into a picture freak. I find myself taking a lot of pictures. TECNO on the other hand has boastfully said that the new Spark and Spark Plus is the smartphone with the brightest display and camera. The Mix flash that comes with the device has made sure that claim stands.

On the TECNO Spark, the back-flash illuminates in low light to produce a soft light which combines with customized algorithm to brighten your images and give them a more natural touch.

You can’t imagine how I love the mix Flash touch

The front flash on the Spark pairs with the screen light to provide an amazingly balanced lighting. So no matter the lightening condition, the selfies will be flawless and smooth. And the Spark’s dynamic brightness recognition technology further makes the device an amazing steal. When it recognizes that the ambient light is dim, the SPARK calls on the visidon algorithm technology to help enhance the brightness of the image and provide accurate automatic white balance, allowing the user to see and capture the amazing picture.

By this time, I was feeling so cool because I didn’t know I could accurately give details about a smartphone but I guess “woman get powerlol. She gave me her contact and I guess I may have met my soul mate.

Tonia Soares

Tonia Soares

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  1. Been in a similar position where smartphone got me talking to a fine lady. Tecno Spark has helped you in discovering your spark. Phone has a great camera too.

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