Phone Review: Infinix Note 4 Regular Phone

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Infinix Note 4 Phone

The Infinix Note 4 Phone is the fourth iteration of the Note Phone series from Infinix – there was the Hot Note, The Note 2 and the Note 3.

The Note range was first made popular by Samsung and other companies have since jumped on the bandwagon to make phones for this category, including Apple—who now makes the Plus family. Infinix has recorded some major milestones since it launched the first Note in its series and has continued to be a very popular choice among young and dynamic folks.

Speaking to youths that I see the phone with and I notice the passion with which they speak about the brand and the Note range. It is as if they have a fanatic adherence to the brand.

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The Infinix Note 4 Regular phone comes with a 2 GB RAM for processing and 16 GB RAM for storage. If you have a lot of photos from your previous phone, you are better off using cloud storage. You can also pop in a micro SD card and you are good to go.

It is a 5.7 full HD display phone with sharp being the maker of the maker of this bright screen.

Unboxing the Infinix Note 4 Regular – let’s unwrap the phone

Unboxing the Infinix Note 4
Unboxing the Infinix Note 4

First, peel of the seal. If this seal is missing from yours, you probably do not have a genuine phone. Take it back. The review unit we have here is a looker, it is the white one. Aside the 2 GB version we have here, there is also a 3 GB + 32 GB version of the Infinix Note 4.

It has a 13 MP rear camera, with an 8 PM front shooter and a huge 4300 mAh battery—that is a juice thank that is sure to take you for a full day and more on a single full charge.

The phone has a glossy finishing at the back, with a slight curvature. The shiny glossy finishing at the back appears like it will attract smudges.

To the right of the phone is the volume rocker and a micro SD card slot which supports up to 128 GB.

What else do we have in the Infinix Note 4 Regular box?

We have a free protective film glass, a transparent rubber phone case and a manual. I have heard some people complain that some brands no longer add manuals to their phones. But who needs manual these days? I know I don’t, because I enjoy tinkering and finding things out myself. There is also the charger and the USB chord. There is also a while pair of earphones in the box.

The original charger that comes with this phone really charges the phone pretty fast. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is placed awkwardly at the top. I usually prefer it at the bottom of the phone. There are also two speaker grills placed at either side of the charging port. There is nothing on the left-hand side of the phone—all the buttons on the phone are on the right.

The 4000 mAh battery is non-removable, rather only the glossy back cover of the phone is removable. The Note 4’s dual micro SIM feature also supports 4G LTE. The glossy back cover does gather smudges.

The phone is 5.7 inch display is very desirable to those who like phones with large screen real estate. But if you prefer a smaller screen, you can also use this phone with ease by enabling the one hand feature, with all parts of the phone being reachable.

The Price of the Infinix Note 4 Regular

Finally, what is not to love about the phone? For NGN53,000.00, the phone is a bargain with having all what is required by a modern smartphone—battery, large screen size, quality size, clear display.

We would have loved that the phone is a lot sexier with respect to the slimness—it is too bulky in look—but that will be asking for too much. The glossy back is all the beauty you get and that is good enough.


In conclusion, Infinix hit a home run with the Note 4 Regular.

Is there any other thing you’d like us to write about and reveal about this phone? Please drop it in the comment box down below.

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