Men Get In Here! This Is How To Tell Whether She’s Flirting Or Being Nice With You

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The dilemma every man will face at least once in their lifetime is knowing whether the woman that catches their eye in public is flirting or just being nice. A lot of the time, men meet women and are completely confident that things are going well but the minute they decide to take things to the next level, you sense her rebuff.

The truth is women are complex creatures and their minds can be pretty difficult to read. Some women can just be simply cordial while others will get involved with flirting just to get a free drink or an exciting conversation.

As such, it is important that you pay attention to the things she says and more importantly, her body language. Here are telltale signs to know that she’s not just being nice but she’s also flirting with you.

She Acts Curious
Just like you will want to know more about a woman you’re interested in, so would she want to know about you through flirting. She sure won’t ask or seek additional information if she’s not romantically interested in you.

She Initiates Conversation
If you met her in a public place and the conversation gets to an awkward pause and she’s not into you, there’s a high chance she will walk away. If she’s however interested, she will come up with another question to ask as a way of keeping the conversation going.

She Keeps Touching You
If she’s into you, there’s a chance she won’t be able to keep her hands off you. She will initiate a lot of physical contact while flirting and chatting with you. If she “accidentally” brushes up against you or strokes your arm, she wants a little more.

She Flaunts Her Assets
Women don’t hold back when they’re interested in you and they will be willing to pull all the stops by flirting and flaunting their assets. Pay attention to the little things, such as her readjusting her top to showcase her cleavage or adjusting her skirt for you to get a good view of her legs.

She Talks About Sex
There’s no way she would make sexually suggestive jokes if she was not flirting with you. Listen intently for sexually suggestive jokes and comments. If she brings them up, she is ready to take things to another level.

She Keeps Complimenting You
A woman interested in you has no reason to lie when it comes to the compliments she’s passing. If she compliments your shirt, your smile or anything else without you buying free drinks for her at a bar, she’s obviously feeling you.

She Let’s You Know She’s Single
If she’s flirting with you during your first meeting, she may casually mention that she’s not dating anyone at the moment or tell you something about her ex. That’s a good sign that she’s flirting and ready to mingle with you.

She Makes Long Eye Contact
Eye contact is an intimate and subtle way of conveying ones feelings. If she’s feeling you, she will most likely look you straight in the eye, for long periods of time before taking her eyes away.

She Offers To Get You Drinks
If she offers to buy you a drink, she obviously wants to take the flirting to another level. It means she is enjoying her time with you and doesn’t want you to leave her side. More so, if you’re at a bar or club, it means she is not just using you to pay for her drinks.




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