Interested In An Older Woman? Here Are Five Ways To Keep Her Interested

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There’s a very high chance you have come across a younger man dating an older woman and you may have asked yourself what exactly the man has done to keep her interested. Some of the prevailing theories is that such relationships come up as a result of the maturity of the female and the man in need of someone that is a couple of years his senior for a connection to be made.

However, some are of the opinion that such relationships are completely born out of money, with the guy being the gigolo that gets paid for his services. Whatever the stereotypes maybe, it is essential that every man interested in dating an older woman learns the dos and don’ts of dating cougars before going for it.

Avoid Mentioning The Age
Telling her that you don’t think the age difference matters only makes her understand that you think it actually does. Instead, focus on the things that attracted you to her from the onset, and let her know that you see her for who she is on the inside.

Regularly compliment her beauty and appearance, but learn to avoid saying things or accompanying your compliment with words like “for your age.” If she brings up the age thing, brush it off. She’s probably on the lookout for your insecurities regarding the subject matter.

Step Up Your Game
The truth is that the fact that she’s older than you means that she most likely knows a thing or two more than you do. Don’t put her off if she asks you certain pertinent questions. You should instead try to figure it out.
Engage her as much as you possibly can. While there is nothing bad in being humble and less experienced, it is important to be open to learning and go out of your way to immerse yourself in her interests, too.

Be Sure You’re Up For The Challenge
Older women have most likely had their own fair share of wishy washy men and they just may not have the patience to deal with the tantrums younger men may bring. They know exactly the things they want in a date, in the bedroom and in a partner.

The question you should ask yourself is if you would be able to keep up with their requirements. Can you be confident enough to keep up with what she demands of you? Will your masculinity be offended with how assertive she may be? Can you meet up with her need to be controlling? If your answers are mostly negative, then cougars just isn’t for you.

Never Call Her A Sugar Mummy Or Cougar
A lot of older women interested in younger men find terms like cougars and sugar Mummy demeaning to say the least, as they see your description of them as nothing more than a prized older possession.

A lot of older women are looking for adventure and that may just be the reason that they are interested in your young and youthful self. If you’re not respectful of them like a grown man should be, you will most likely not get what you want.

Be Adventurous
If all she wanted was to watch a movie every night, she probably would have called on her ex-husband. That’s not what she wants and that is why you’re on her radar. She wants to dress up, go out and cook together while listening to eclectic tunes. She needs you to keep her on her toes by coming up with different ideas to have fun on weekends to different exotic locations. And of course, she wants you to try out new and adventurous sex positions when the both of you do decide to stay in.




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