Guytalk Podcast: The 5 Signs You May Be Part Of Africa’s Problems

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Guytalk Podcast

We are suffering in Africa and we may continue to do so for a very long time because of certain factors which many people allow. 


This episode of Guytalk Podcast discusses 5 things which have kept Africa behind. These have slowly ruined our generation, making us the dumpsite of the world’s ridicule. Every young and passionate adult will admit these things are responsible for our backwardness and why many people will continue to seek visas to other countries. 

The 5 things killing African and responsible for our suffering include: 

1. The Glorification of corruption: 

Unlike in the western world where corrupt leaders are shunned and disdained, Africans glorify those who steal from them. This is evident in many Nigerian communities where corrupt leaders are the most powerful given how willing people are to work for them.

Yahya Jammeh, the former vice president of Guinea, Jacob Zuma and even former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan all had corruption scandals hovering around them. Even at grassroots level, many low ranking officials believe their position entitles them to handouts or else they wont attend to you properly.

2. Power drunkenness: 

Power drunkenness is evident in the case of a security man being rude to someone seeking entrance to a building. In a lecturer insulting students and intentionally failing them in his course because he can. In a governor ordering his soldiers to shoot into students protesting. In a president using his office to grant favors and taking vacations at will. Everyone wants power and when they get it, they begin to play God.

This is one of the reasons why Africa has not progressed till today and if you support this, you are part of the problem.

3. Nepotism: 

In Africa and countries like Nigeria, you do not get a high ranking position if you do not know someone of influence. Africans have a culture which supports nepotism and using influence to gain favors irrespective of whether one deserves or not. This has caused many organizations to be saddled with incompetent leaders, many deserving people to lose favors and others to dilute the potentials that will have been maximized if another who deserves it were in power.

A good example is the Presidential elections in Nigeria. Rumor has it that these leaders are selected based on their influence and relationships with the so-called national leaders, not because the majority love them. Nepotism has killed far more dreams than we will ever know.

Listen to the podcast below or download here.

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