The Foods You Should Eat Everyday For The Nutrients They Provide

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Some foods, including vegetables and fruits tend to provide more nutrients than others and it is essential you know them to have a healthy life. The thing however is not many of us are familiar with these foods and how we can incorporate them into our meals in such a way that they would be palatable for us to enjoy eating them.

Here are a number of very nutritious foods you should consider eating everyday.

Red Tomatoes contains a lot of the antioxidant lycopene, which can help to decrease your risk of bladder, lung, prostate, skin, and stomach cancers, as well as reduce the risk of coronary artery disease. It is ideal to aim for 22mg of lycopene per day, equivalent to eating eight red tomatoes per day. You can get this through tomato ketchup, which you can include in your recipe.

A lot of the fruits and vegetables that are colourful (red, yellow, or orange) contain carotenoids — fat-soluble compounds that are associated with a reduction in a wide range of cancers, as well as reduced risk of inflammatory conditions such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Carrots however have the lowest caloric density among fruits and vegetables of this category and it can be sliced and eaten raw, baked with sweet potato, pumpkin pie or carrot cake.

Spinach is a green and leafy vegetable that is common the tropics. It I a good muscle builder that contains high levels of omega-3s and folate, which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis. Spinach is also packed with lutein, a compound that fights macular degeneration and can help your sex drive.

More so, Folate contained in them also increases blood flow to the nether regions, helping to protect you against age-related sexual issues. You can use them to make salads, add them to scrambled eggs or drape it over pizza.

Yogurt is made through a Fermentation process that spawns hundreds of millions of probiotic organisms that serve as reinforcements to millions of beneficial bacteria in your body. As such, they help to boost your immune system and offering protection against cancer.

Not all yogurts are probiotic, and you can know this by the label as anyone saying “live and active cultures” contain probiotics. You can have yogurt as dessert or use low-fat yogurt as a base for salad dressings.

Black Beans
All types of beans are good for the heart but black beans has the honour of being able to boost brain power better than others because of the high levels of anthocyanins, antioxidant compounds that have been shown to improve brain function.
It is low in calories and free of saturated fats too, making it a healthy food option.

Walnuts are rich in Richer in omega-3s, have loads of anti-inflammatory polyphenols than red wine, and loads of muscle-building proteins too. They can be eaten as a snack, sprinkled on top of salads or grind and mixed with olive oil to make a marinade for grilled fish or chicken.

Oats are packed full with soluble fiber, that helps to lower the risk of heart disease. Despite the fact that oats contain a lot of carbohydrates, fibers ensure the slow release of the sugars. The fact that they also contain some proteins ensures that eating them provides your body with muscle-friendly energy.

You can substitute oats with flaxseed or wild rice, and they can be eaten as cereals with milk. You can also eat them by grinding flaxseed on cereals, salads, and yogurt.




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