Five Types Of Pyjamas Stylish Men Should Never Wear To Bed

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Thermal pyjamas

Your choice of pyjamas can help determine a lot when it comes to the bedroom, especially how much sex and intimacy you get from your partner. Whether it is the first time you’re sleeping over or you have spent a couple of years with your partner, you have no reason to start wearing pyjamas from the 70s.


It is especially worst if you are the type of guy that demands your partner wear Victoria’s secrets and any other underwear that makes her look sexy. It is even worse if you eschew flowers in favour of gifts certificates to lingerie shops on birthdays, only for you to sport dingy boxers that has piss stains on the front and a stringy, worn tee that you say you have “sentimental attachment” and wear to bed every night.

Whatever the case maybe, here are some pyjamas that you should do all you can to stay away from.

The Onesie

The onesie always looks cute and that is something it has going for it as it helps to portray affability and playfulness. This pyjamas let’s your partner know that you don’t take yourself too seriously and it may have her thinking if she should take you seriously.

The Onesie is good to have around for the first night you’re with her or as a “Get out of Jail Free” card. Just like in the Monopoly game, there are restricted number of times you can use it. It can be pretty irresistible but can be easily worn out. It is difficult to sleep in and also makes access to the nether region difficult. If you’re to get a good night’s sleep as a man, access to that region is crucial or else, you drop it.

Matching Top And Bottom Pyjamas
Matching Top And Bottom button-down jammers that are usually made of cotton are sleep wears that you should stay away from. For one, your partner may need to rub you through them or actually get to tell you that she was doing so for you to know what is going on in the moment.

You can by all means get this pyjamas but remember to wear the bottoms without any shirt at all. You can also choose to wear a tattered tee shirt, and leave the top for her to drape over her loveliness, while leaving just your boxers down below.


Thermal pyjamas
Thermal pyjamas are some of the best clothing items to help you keep warm during the cold season but you should not wear them about in front of the ladies. While you may think it sends a message across a regarding the fact that you love spooning, she may get a different message that indicates you’re nothing more than a cuddler.

Furthermore, thermal wears can retain moisture which can potentially make your night sleep quite uncomfortable and you having a strong stinking whiff in the morning.

Short Set

Short set pyjamas
The short Set is basically a pyjamas set with its button-down in full effect, but the bottoms are shorts. A lot of people and maybe even you didn’t know that the short Set existed. Ignorance is however not an excuse for you to wear them, whether you’re married or not and you should do all you can to stay away from this mood-killing night wear.

While the short Set may look cute the first night you wear it looking like one big onesie, but it’s best to leave them out of your bed.


Silk pyjamas
Wearing this probably shows you’re still in the 70s. Silk silk jammers don’t seem to be good idea for this generation, especially if you’re looking at it from an aesthetic perspective or putting the slip factor into consideration.

With the feel of the material, you can simply glide across the top of your bed as you attempt to hop in, not to talk of the difficulty you may experience moving about in them while in bed. More so, you will be sending a message that everything is rosy and that you’re a top notch all the way. This is one message you don’t want to pass across even if that’s how you feel.



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