The Easy Ways To Care For Four Different Types Of Skin

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There are different skin types that require different and specific measures of care for them to have the shine and glow we desire. While almost everyone knows the basics of skin care including Moisturising daily, protection from the sun, not smoking and drinking plenty of water, but not all of us know the finer points for different types of skin.

Every type has its own specific requirements to look it’s best and here are the easy ways you can care for four different types of skin.

Dry Skin
Because you have dry skin, your tiny pores are usually difficult to spot, and is less elastic. This may sometimes make it appear red, creased, rough, or flaky especially when it dries out in the afternoon. It may also look this way when yo grow older or more weathered in the sun.

Dry skin is sensitive to a lot of perfumed and as such, it is better to use gentle products. This includes soap, detergents, and skincare products. Also avoid drying yourself out too much in piping hot showers. Be on the lookout for products that are rich in ointments and creams rather than those that come as thinner lotions. Also keep and eye out for words like ‘mild’ and ‘gentle’ rather than ‘acid’ and ‘sulphate’.

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin is close to dry skin but is different in that it is red and itchy. The best thing you can do for your grooming routine if you suffer from sensitivity is to try to determine the source of the irritation and eliminate it. There is a good chance that it is one of your skincare products that is responsible for your sensitivity.

You can experiment with new products marked ‘skin-friendly’ or ‘sensitive’, or those that are devoid of fragrance and alcohol on the ingredients list. Sensitivity is different for each person but removing scented soaps and skincare products from your grooming lost is a good way to ensuring your skin is well taken care of.

Oily Skin
People with this type of body covering have large pores, visible blackheads and a glistening forehead. It usually begins in adolescence and can remain till adulthood, especially when the weather is hot and sticky. Men who have oily skin should always be on the lookout for any product that is labelled “noncomedogenic” (meaning it doesn’t clog your pores).

If you’re affected by pimples, avoid popping them and scarring your face. Instead, fight breakouts with a full face cream containing bacteria-destroying benzoyl peroxide instead of a spot treatment. You should also possess a cleanser with pore-cleansing salicylic acid on its label and any other product that contains sulphur to help absorb the excess sebum.

Normal Skin
People with normal skin type are are are some of the most lucky. This type is not to oily, neither is it too dry. This makes it the most ideal type. If you have this skin type, you are blessed with no imperfections or visible pores, either, and this makes your body glow positively.

If you have normal skin, it is ideal for you to just stick with the basics of care. Get plenty of sleep, because that’s when the skin regenerates, drink lots of water and moisturise daily. There’s no need for you to be too fussy with the kind of products you use because your body is pretty resilient to whatever you throw at it.




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  1. We tried expensive facials and the expensive cleansers the esthetician sold, for my teens problem skin. We tried, aztec masks and witch hazel and several different store bought cleansers. Nothing came even close to clearing her up like Dermalmd acne serum. She uses all three of the products that come in the starter/travel kit once a day and her skin stays totally clear.

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