The Best Ways To Tame Your Eyebrows And Stop Them From Looking Unkempt

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Unlike women, the eyebrows are a part of the body that a lot of men ignore but grooming them can most importantly show how much you pay attention to details. Properly groomed eyebrows can add to how attractive you look and the overall perception of your appearance.

If you are one of those men that have no care in the world for this body part either due to the fact that you believe you have masculine brows or because you don’t care about your out-of-control caterpillars, it’s time for you to tame your unruly hair. Bushy eyebrows more often than not give off the impression that you’ve given up on grooming.

Here are a number of manscaping options available for your brow.

It is important that when you shave, your brow lines are not too sharp. The essence is to tidy up the edges and reinforce the brow lines a couple of centimetres between the bushy hair.

The risk of using a razor however is that the distinction becomes a little too sharp, making it seem like you have laid down a strip of tape above your nose and spray-painted the hair on either side.

There are touch-up razors that are specifically meant for the eyebrows and they are available at most pharmacies. Your Eyebrows will however require a lot of maintenance when the stubble grows back.

If what you experience is uneven growth within your eyebrows, such as longer follicles sticking out past the others, then you need to have a trim. Salons can take care of this for you, but if you choose to do it yourself, you can buy specific eyebrow-trimming scissors.

A normal pair of grooming scissors can also be used, provided you have a comb handy too to complete your routine.

If you do decide to wax, you run the risk of making your manscaping too obvious. There’s the likelihood of your eyebrows looking too blocked-off or too square, like you used a set square to sculpt your beards and pencil to draw on your eyebrows.

Men’s eyebrows are thicker and wider than women’s, and this makes it easy for men to get away with a wax without looking too effeminate. You should however remember to trust a professional to do the waxing for you.

Also follow the advice of your girlfriend as regards the choice of a salon, as women more often than not have the best knowledge regarding professionals in this area. Remember to make it clear in explicit terms that you want your brows to be as natural as possible after the waxing.

If you have single hairs growing out of place from your eyebrows, then the best way to tame them is to make use of tweezers. They are easy and relatively painless ways of treating your fuzzy edges or troubling monobrow.

When it comes to taking your eyebrows, it is essential that you have it at the back of your mind that ‘Less is more’ and plucking the odd stray is the best way to gently cultivate a more natural look. It can however be a time-consuming process if you’re tidying up more than just a couple of hairs.

Have the tweezers handy and available to tame other stray hairs from your nose, ears or cheeks (if you’re growing a beard) — that you spot when you step out of the shower every morning.




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