Wenger Cannot Rationalise Neymar Deal

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Arsene Wenger has stated the proposed €222 million deal to sign Neymar makes the market irrational.

Barcelona confirmed on Wednesday that Neymar has asked to leave the club, with PSG most likely to sign him.

Wenger says the possibility of the deal is due to the backing of rich investors at Paris Saint Germain.

“For me, it’s a consequence of the ownerships,” he told a news conference when asked about Neymar. “That has changed completely the whole landscape of football in the last 15 years.
“Once a country owns a club, everything is possible, so it becomes very difficult to respect Financial Fair Play. That’s why I always plead for football to live within its own resources.

“We’re not in a period any more where you think ‘if I invest that, I’ll get that back’. We’re beyond that now. The numbers today involves a lot of passion, pride, public interest, and you cannot rationalise that any more.

“It looks like the inflation is accelerating. We crossed the 100 million line for the first time last year and only one year later we cross the 200 million line. When you think Trevor Francis was the first guy at £1million [in English football in 1979], and that looked unreasonable, you realise how far we have gone and how big football has become. It’s beyond calculation, beyond rationality.”



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