The Weird Things That Have Happened On The Set Of #GameOfThrones

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Daenerys and kal drogo

#GameOfThrones has brought a lot of fun to our television screens and the on-screen entertainment seems to be backed up with weird and fun things on set. #GameOfThrones does seem like a lot of fun with wonderful places to be because of the fantasy of the dragons, White Walkers and prophetic leanings of the story.

The story actually has lots of troubles for the characters and are almost equal to the troubles some of the actors had to face on set such as …

The Accidental Destruction Of An Ecosystem

Daenerys and kal drogo
Malta is one of the countries that provided the exotic shooting locations of the first season of #GameOfThrones but things took a negative turn during the filming of the Dothraki wedding scene.

The shooting took place at the Dwejra Heritage Park near the beautiful Azure Window limestone arch near Gozo, Malta. The production crew accidentally poured sand on protected fossil-rich rock beds without any protective membrane and this allowed the sand to seep and get cemented into the land, burying local flora and fauna.

An independent inquiry referred to the situation as “damage to irreplaceable fossil and ichnofossil features”. This resulted in the fining of a local production company to the tune of €36,500 for the damage, and the show leaving Malta thereafter.

There Were Lots Of Naked Movement On Set

Oberyn martell
#GameOfThrones had a lot nudity and despite the professionalism of the actors, they sometimes couldn’t help but find it funny.

Pedro Pascal who played the role of Oberyn once talked about how one of the actresses stayed naked all through an orgy scene. discussed how, during one of the orgy scenes, one of the actresses stayed disrobed between takes while the production crew prepared for filming.

Pascal described his amusement at having a naked person wandering around the room during long breaks, where she spent the time waiting, with show creator David Benioff, and Charles Dance.


The Show Saved A Pig Farm
A Pig farmer known as Kenny Gracey was close to ruin before #GameOfThrones came along to hire period-appropriate Iron Age pigs which are a cross between domestic pigs and wild boars used in the series. The farmer also provided rare breeds of goats, sheep, deer and dogs for the production, and also allowed the production to dig through the piles of aged and rusted chains, horse collars, anvils, mangers, and troughs of scraps to use during filming near his property.

The farmer was heavily in debt before he got a call from a props buyer working for the production. All his junk was soon taken by truck to the set and he has worked for the production as a supplier, animal handler, and even appeared on-screen when his animals need help during shooting.

The Actors Used Tiny Icelandic horses

The hound and arya
Some of the exotic locations on #GameOfThrones was provided by Iceland and the showrunners had to also battle with the challenges the country presented. Iceland bans the importation of live horses due to fears about diseases being transmitted to the local breeds.

This made the production crew make use of native horses, that are no bigger than ponies. This was a major problem as tall actors such as Rory McCann who is about 6’5″ faced lots of problems riding such a small horse.

This perhaps is why the Hound and Arya spent a lot of their time walking to the Vale. More so, most of the scenes where the horses appeared were filmed from a distance behind McCann and Maisie Williams, to explore the beauty of perspective.

They Made Use Of Real Dead Stag Corpses

Tywin lannister skinning a stag
A scene from episode 1 of season 1 showed the symbolism of the direwolf to the Starks and a real stag was used in place of the direwolf. The stag had been shot, bothered and gutted by the production team animal handler days before shooting. By the time filming will take place, the actors had to struggle with the stench.

Another scene later in the series showed Tywin Lannister skinning a stag. A real stag was used and actor, Charles Dance actually learnt how to skin a deer to perfect his acts for the scene.




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