#ThevoiceNigeria Season 2: Coaches Battle To Trim Down Their Teams

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The real battles between the talents to make it to the Live Shows of #ThevoiceNigeria Season Two has begun but the Coaches also have a battle on their hands.

The Coaches are saddled with the responsibility of pruning down their Teams from 12 to 8 talents with the exception of coach Timi who apparently bent the rules to accommodate a 13th Talent to his team.

With the second phase of season two of #ThevoiceNigeria already in motion, it is important to know how the Battles between the respective Talent pairs works.

Each of the four Coaches are expected to have a total of six pairings within their Team. The implications of this is that there will be two Talent per Battle pair. The Coaches are expected to choose specific songs and the Talents within the pairings will both be singing the same song in the Battle arena which has been constructed to look like a modified boxing ring.

While the performances of the paired talents will seem like a duet, it is slightly different.

Even though the talents are expected to showcase their vocal dexterity and their abilities to harmonize the song; they are also expected to do all they possibly can to out-do and outperform each other on the Stage, as their Coach would be watching and will have the task to choose who proceeds to the Live Shows and the Talent whose journey on the second season of #ThevoiceNigeria has come to an end.

If however isn’t all gloom as the three remaining Coaches each have two opportunities to stop a talent from going home and off a ‘Steal’. Once the Coach whose paired talents are battling it out has made their pick, the remaining Coaches can steal the other Talent to their Team, thereby giving such Talent an opportunity to make it to the Live Shows.

The Battles simply means that the four Teams have six Talent pairings each and if you add the two mandatory Steals, eight Talents on each Team will be moving on into #ThevoiceNigeria Live Shows. Coach Timi however has a rough time on his hands as he has to find a way around the 13 Talents on his Team.



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