The Sexiest Television Shows That Can Help Your Sex Life

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Game of thrones

Staying in and watching television shows may not sound like the right type of date you have planned but it depends on what show you’re watching. After a long day at work, seeing something seductive and sexual on TV can help to remind you of what you’re missing, helping to create a fantasy of you enjoying the same pleasure.

The good news is that there are a number of shows out there that can help your sex life by putting you in the mood, sparking a new fantasy and providing unlimited ideas you can add you your sexual bucket list.

Here are the most sexiest television shows of the moment and how you can bring the vibes from them to your bedroom.

Sex and the City
In Sex and the City, viewers of this television show have the opportunity of dating all of the different types of men a big city has to offer while not leaving their bedrooms. One binge session alone can have you experiencing sexy allure of someone and the warm sensuality of another.

You can live the the dating and sex lives of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda and get turned on as you can easily see yourself in the lives of these women. While watching this show, you can ask yourself which character you most relate to, and which character you most want to embody. This will help you craft a fantasy with your partner where you take on the traits of the shows character you love.

You can then take a vacation in a city similar to that which your character had fun in, where you can have a luxurious night out with your partner while channeling the inner freaky you.

Game Of Thrones

Game of thrones
Game of Thrones is a show that has lots of sex. From Jon Snow losing his virginity to, group sex and Orgies in Littlefinger’s whore house and BDSM-style sex (some of which is not consensual), the show is definitely not short on kinky sex.

Whether you find it hot or gross, you can bring some of the adventures and eroticism of Game of Thrones adventurous eroticism into your own sex life. Start lightly and slowly by using blindfolds and silk ties, instead of whips and chains.
Communication is perhaps the most important thing, especially when you’re pushing your boundaries. Remember to set ground rules and agree that it’s ok to stop. Talk about it the next day and if neither you nor your partner feels bad, you can keep exploring.


Outlander is a television show that is a major turn on for the adventurous mind. From the rugged Scotsman to the dreamy period costumes and the feminist love scenes all combine to make it one of the sexiest television shows at the moment. It discards gender conventions with the characters of Claire and Jamie who give viewers role reversals.

Claire is the strong character who boldly takes the reins, while Jamie is the man in distress. From the very first night the two spend together, Claire is not afraid to tell Jamie exactly what she wants and how she likes it, as she proceeds to school him in sex education.

Couples can adopt this and allow the woman be in the driving seat. The woman can start by telling her partner ‘I want’ and ‘I want you to do this, ‘” and the man can be wildly turned on by the woman’s choice of words.

Orange Is the New Black

Asides the complications of prison fantasies and all, the fact is a lot of girl-on-girl action can be a turn on for couples of all genders and sexual orientations. Perhaps due to the fact that it is supposed to be a taboo or something untouchable, it makes the fantasies wild and more exhilarating, irrespective of your sexual preferences.

If you watch this television show and find yourself turned on by Piper and Alex’s on-again-off-again behind bars romance, you can surely bring that sexy tension to your own bedroom. You can watch the show alone to help build up erotic energy that you can then pour into each other as a couple.




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