Why The Mummy Didn’t Get Our Hearts Racing As Much As We Thought It Would

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Everyone had high expectations for the Tom Cruise-starring reboot of The Mummy but it has been hugely disappointing for a lot of viewers. The Mummy has not only performed underwhelmingly at the box office despite grossing $450 million, the movie is set to cost Universal studios a loss of $95 million in the long run.

This is surprising given the fact that Tom Cruise has mostly been a success in most movies he appears in and this raises questions as to why the new Mummy movie was a disaster. The blame for the downturn of the movie can point to several quarters but there are a number of reasons which perhaps made one of the biggest movies of the late 1990s become a major disaster when it came back to the cinemas in 2017.

Viewers Weren’t Keen For A Reboot
This is perhaps the biggest reason why the movie failed. Audiences generally didn’t ask for it as is common with a lot of movies that have developed into franchises. The first mummy movie where Brendan Fraser played the big role holds a special place in the hearts of lovers of the movie and Tom Cruise didn’t really replace the memories of the former.

From the time the movie was announced, the general response has been lukewarm and that didn’t change much after its release. This perhaps is one of the critical reasons why the movie failed as audiences didn’t really seem to want a reboot.

The Tone Of The Movie Was Flat
The first Mummy movie had a specific tone that worked well for it, even with a significant level violence. The new movie departed from this and follows a more generic, formulaic blockbuster theme. While attempting to be funny, it falls flat, with the new villain being less imposing and threatening than the one in the first movie which perhaps made for its failure.

The Female Characters Weren’t Compelling Enough

One of the reasons The Mummy failed was the fact that the female roles were not compelling enough but was instead projected infamously with the damsel-in-distress portrayal. Annabelle Wallis’ Jenny Halsey character didn’t appear to have much urgency and having to be rescued by Tom Cruise numerous times didn’t do much to put the character in a better perspective.

Sofia Boutella does well enough in the antagonist role, but still appears to be underwhelming, especially when compared to Imhotep from the first movie. With women making more than half of the potential audience of the movie, that perhaps affected the success of the Mummy.

Tom Cruise Was Allowed Too Much Control

The mummy 2017
There has been reports that Tom Cruise had “excessive control” over the project, including ordering scripts to be rewritten and having enormous control regarding the creative side of the movie more than director Alex Kurtzman. More so, he was said to have a say in post-production, how the movie was marketed, and its release date, which considering the movie reception can be said to have affected the movie.

Audiences Are Getting Tired Of Reboots
A lot of movies have been having a reboot for a while now, with some achieving success. But it appears movie audiences are getting tired of it, especially if we put recent movies like Ghostbusters, Power Rangers and Baywatch, which have basically not done well despite their big-budgets.

Viewers appear to be tired of seeing movies that made their childhood in a completely different perspective and the performance of The Mummy has so far laid credence to this notion.

The Craze To Build A Franchise
The Mummy is the first movie from universal studios that will attempt to build something similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe world and other movies that are expected to follow include The Wolfman, The Invisible Man, The Bride of Frankenstein, Van Helsing and Dracula.

The truth is a huge part of the Mummy felt like an advertisement for the impending franchises, especially whenever the character of Dr. Jekyll played by Russel Crowe is shown. A lot of the times, movie lovers just want to watch a movie without having to worry about the other movies that are in the works and The Mummy’s attempt to promote its follow-ups seemed to have worked against it.




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